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[Deal Alert] Dude, Dell's Got The Sprint HTC One For $30 On-Contract, Plus Free Shipping, Free Activation, Free Beats Headphones, And A $50 Gift Card

Dell sells computers. They also sell other stuff. Usually we don't care - after all, Amazon sells even more other stuff, and most of the time it's cheaper. But every once in a while Dell comes up with a jaw-dropping deal. Like today: you can pick up a Sprint HTC One from the Dell Mobility Store for $50 on-contract for new customers. That's a cool $150 off the retail price. But wait, there's more... a lot more.


In addition to the reduced price of the phone itself, Dell will give you a voucher for $36 of Sprint credit, essentially erasing the activation fee.

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HTC's Full Robert Downey Jr. Ad Leaked: Maybe They Should Have Stuck With Van Der Beek [Update: Full Quality]

Update: Here's The Commercial (in full quality).

You probably saw the teaser ad for HTC's new campaign featuring none other than Robert Downey, Jr., star of the 2003 film adaptation of British TV series The Singing Detective. (Among other things.) Today the full 105-second spot was posted to YouTube. The quality is a little low, but you can still make everything out. Then you'll have to try and forget it.

I get the message - limitless possibilities, creative potential, yadda yadda. But the execution is just awful. HTC is clearly going for the lol so random brand of Internet humor, but they seem to have left out the humor bit.

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Verizon's HTC One Signup Page Is Live – Still No Release Date

The Verizon Moto X page just went live yesterday, and now the HTC One has broken cover as well. As usual, you can insert your email if you would like the "latest information" on the HTC One from Verizon. That's probably a lie, but still your call.

2013-08-13 14_16_35-HTC One _ Learn more about the HTC One on Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

This appears to be the same HTC One from other carriers, but Verizon did manage to get its name and the LTE logo stamped on the back (the Moto X only has the Verizon part of the logo). They're not huge or bright red, though. So call that one a win. The screen image is the same one used on all the promo shots, so there are no clues as to what version of Android it'll be running at launch.

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[Hiring Trendy Celebrities] HTC Brings In Robert Downey Jr. For Marketing Campaign Mark 42

HTC has already looked to metal as a defining characteristic of its flagship phone. Now the company is turning to the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., himself in hopes of turning around the company's waning brand perception and getting their highly capable smartphones into the hands of more consumers. HTC has launched a series of ads starring Downey as they kick off their new "Change" branding campaign, and thanks to a two-year contract, we can expect to see the actor pushing the company for quite some time.


The idea here is that HTC inspires innovation not by being change you can believe in, but by being anything you want it to be.

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5.9-Inch HTC One Max (T6) Render Leaked: We're Going To Need Some Bigger Pockets

Last week we got our first telling glance of a new HTC smartphone hanging out in China: the T6, or as it may come to be known, the HTC One Max. This purported beast of a phone has the styling of the HTC One with a reported 5.9" screen. Today Evleaks, the Deepthroat of the smartphone world, released a press render on his new Google+ account.


The phone still looks like an enormous HTC One. Specifications are very much in the air, but the previous Chinese leak reported two models: one with a standard configuration and one with a semi-detachable backplate and a dual-SIM design.

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HTC Starts Android 4.2.2 Rollout For One X+ – OTA Live In Taiwan, System Dump And Custom ROM Already Available

HTC hasn't completely forgotten its older devices as it continues talking up the HTC One. The One X+ is finally getting an update to Android 4.2.2, which is actually newer software than the current generation One in the US runs... but that's beside the point. The OTA is hitting Taiwan first, but we've already got a full system dump and a ROM based on it.

The software features are essentially the same as you'd see on other HTC devices running 4.2.2. Be aware this OTA is only compatible with the One X+ with SID HTC__621 (read: not the AT&T version). Here's HTC's official changelog:

HTC One X + Software Wireless Updates | 2.17.709.2

HTC Sense version: 5
Android version: 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Software Number: 2.17.709.2
Updated: August 8, 2013 This update includes the following new features and performance improvements:

  • System improvements
  • HTC Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 upgrade
  • New HTC BlinkFeed Home
  • New lock screen style: electronic gadgets
  • Power improvements
    • Added display the battery meter in the status bar options
    • New sleep mode switch
  • Notifications panel improvements
    • Quick Settings panel: use two-finger gestures with 12 sliding open the Notifications panel fast setting
  • Photo Gallery / Camera improvements
    • AE / AF lock: Long tap the screen shot on the screen to start the exposure / focus lock function
    • Video Highlights living micro film: With 12 kinds of styles of music theme, automatically edited into a stunning 30 seconds video
  • Music improvements
    • Music Channel: You can view the lyrics and music visualization screen * (* support content based on actual lyrics database shall prevail)
  • HTC Sense Input
    • Support more Chinese words

    2013-06-20_15.33.21 2013-06-20_15.33.26 2013-06-20_15.33.38

    InsertCoin ROM

    The system dump is available for download on this XDA thread, if you are so inclined.

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    HTC Announces Mid-Range Desire 500 For The UK: 4.3", 1.2Ghz Quad-Core, Removable Battery, And MicroSD

    HTC hasn't abandoned the market for small phones, as shown by their One Mini at a (relatively) tiny 4.3 inches. But that's still on the premium side, and those who want both a small size and a small price need some love too. Enter the Desire 500, a 4.3" phone with a mixture of features from this generation of HTC hardware and the last one. It's currently slated for release in the UK sometime in August, but HTC has been mum on a price and wider release details so far.

    Desire 500 black 3V HiRGB Render Desire 500 black Horizontal Oblique HiRGB Render

    Despite its small size, the phone comes with a quad-core processor, though the Snapdragon 200 is clocked a bit low at 1.2Ghz.

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    HTC Fetch Shows Up On Clove UK: A Compact Locator Tag And Remote Shutter For Keys, Et Cetera [Update]

    Update: Clove has posted the full details on the HTC Fetch to its blog, and it's a lot less interesting than they previously thought. Turns out it's just a Bluetooth-enabled tracker device, with no on-board GPS function. When it's paired to an HTC phone (presumably through an app) it will beep on command, helping you find your keys and whatnot.


    If you can't hear it, it will report on its location... but that depends upon the GPS function in your phone for its last known location. If the item in question is truly lost, and not reachable via the ~40 foot Bluetooth range, it stays lost.

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    5.9-Inch HTC One Max, AKA T6, Shown In Leaked Photo: Looks Like A Gigantic HTC One

    It was only a matter of time until HTC stepped up to Samsung and offered a "phablet" of its own, and it looks like that time is drawing close. Chinese site ePrice, source of numerous reliable leaks in the past, has posted a photo of a 5.9-inch HTC device set to take on the Galaxy Note series, Xperia Z Ultra, and the like. According to the post, it's called the HTC One Max, codenamed the T6.


    ePrice reports that they've seen both a standard and a Chinese dual-SIM version, but we're not sure which one this is, so take the following specs with a grain of salt.

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    Android 4.3 Update Rolling Out To Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One

    We knew it wouldn't be long, and sure enough, the Android 4.3 update has started hitting Google Play Edition devices. Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Google Play are currently receiving update notifications. If you're lucky enough to have one of these devices, commence mashing the update button at your leisure.

    one upload

    The updates for both devices are developed by the OEMs, but there are no modifications to the UI and no carrier testing to get in the way. As a result, we get this super-fast update. The HTC One kernel and framework source just dropped today, in fact.

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