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OTAs From The Android N Beta Program Are Soft Bricking Some Devices, But Google Has A Fix

Google's approach to releasing preview firmware for upcoming versions of Android is evolving into a pretty cool system that allows developers to simply sign up a device and wait for the OTAs to come rolling in. However, no product launch is perfect, and this one is causing some real problems for some users. Complaints started rolling into the Nexus Help Form and AOSP Issue Tracker about devices that were left unable to boot after attempting to install the OTA. This problem is greatly compounded by the fact that many users are not able to unlock their bootloaders, which means they can't fix the issue with a factory image.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Add And Display Emergency Information On Your Lockscreen

Android N isn't all about the small tweaks and pixel changes, it's also a significant update when it comes to your safety. Well, provided you discover how to set it up and other people know how to get to it. What is it exactly? It's the new Emergency information feature that's accessible in Settings > Users and lets you display all the crucial info on your lockscreen for anyone to see, without requiring an unlock. It'll also show up in the setup wizard when you finish setting up a new Android N phone.

emergency-info-setting-1 emergency-info-setting-4

Left: Emergency info under Users. Right: "Emergency app" is a new setting in Default apps.

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AmpMe Adds Offline Mode Support And Auto-Join, Makes It Easier Than Ever To Stream Music Across Phones

When I took my first look at AmpMe, the app that turns your phones and tablets into multiple speakers for the same song, I applauded the app's interface, automatic sound syncing, SoundCloud implementation, and iOS support. However, a few missing features were holding it back (especially compared to SoundSeeder), namely the lack of local music and Google Play Music support as well as the requirement for an active and fast connection to stream everything.

AmpMe remedied part of the first issue by adding local music playback (still no Play Music, unfortunately) and it's fixing the second problem now by adding offline and local WiFi streaming.

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OneDrive Beta Can Now Scan Documents And Upload Them As PDFs

We get it, some of you don't like Microsoft's apps. But there's no denying that the company has been doing a real kickass job on Android lately, updating its different applications and adding new and interesting features that either put it up to par with Google's offerings or make it leapfrog it by a few miles. I mean... did you hear that Microsoft Translator can now translate Klingon?

Well, here's a new feature that OneDrive is adding where it's just playing catch-up with Google Drive: the ability to scan a document or whiteboard and upload it directly as a PDF. The option shows up under the + FAB icon in OneDrive (image above) and opens the camera to let you take a photo before immediately uploading it as a PDF.

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[APK Download] Google Slides Supports RTL Languages, Google Docs Gets Text Selection In The Print Layout View

If you're preparing a presentation in Google Slides, chances are that you're going to be doing it in your native language or your secondary one. If you speak Arabic or Hebrew, however, you were out of luck because the Android app didn't support RTL languages. Now that's changing since the Slides app on Android is able to create and edit presentations in RTL on version

As for Google Docs, it recently got a new outline feature that helped you navigate long documents by surfacing the different section headlines whenever you started scrolling through the pages. It turns out that the same version of Google Docs hides another helpful addition and that's the fact that text is now selectable in the Print Layout view.

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TWRP Is Now Available For The Nextbit Robin

If you were a diligent Android Police reader over the past 24 hours, you must have noticed that somewhere along the deluge of Android N news and coverage, Ryan managed to sneak in his review of the Nextbit Robin. In it, he praised the phone's design, front-facing speakers, and mostly stock Android 6.0 software, but found little usefulness to the Robin's highlight feature: Smart Storage and its cloud backup support for freeing up space on the internal storage.

If you got a Robin and would prefer to flash a custom ROM on it or experiment with different features, there's only one way you can do that and it's by flashing a custom recovery.

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SwiftKey Stats Give You Insight Into Your Top Topics, Emojis, And Other Typing Trends

Your keyboard knows more about you, your language habits, your weird infatuation with the pile of poo emoji, and your eccentric words than you could ever imagine. SwiftKey knows even more, not only because it's been available for years and has been collecting your data for as long as you've used it, but also because it can scan through your entire email and social accounts to learn more and more from your typing behavior.

Now SwiftKey is ready to turn that knowledge into infographics (because those are cool) to let you in on the secrets of your own language and typing habits.

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Google Revamps The Android Wear Site And Makes It More Interactive

Google's Android Wear site is a great place to get started learning about the operating system for your wrist, from the different watches you can buy to the features available to you, the apps you can use to make even more use of it, and the watchfaces and bands that help you customize the look even further.

The site just got an overhaul that puts visuals first and makes the entire experience even more interactive. Specifically, the different sections of Try these apps are now dynamic, changing the screenshot on the watch as you hover over the icons to show you exactly what to expect from each application.

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[buy' ngop DaHjaj] Microsoft Translator Now Speaks Klingon

maj po, Android Police.

tu'lu' buy' ngop DaHjaj.

tlhIngan yIjatlh microsoft Translator DaH.

Bing rur.

tlhIngan Hov trek Hol.

tlhIngan moj English Hol.

qaStaHvIS Play Store.


nI'jaj yInraj 'ej bIchepjaj.


· Expanded support for Arabic language in conversation mode, and as a downloadable package to use offline
· Added support for Klingon language
· Bug fixes

Alternate title: That Article That Took Me 2 Hours To Finish Because Klingon Doesn't Translate Well Back To English While Artem Lamented The Dozens Of Pending Android N Posts To Be Written.

Alternate title 2: screwed jIH.

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[The Other Nexus Deal Alert] White Nexus 5X 32GB On Sale For $299 After $100 Off With Discount + Coupon Code

Oh man. It's you again. So, you didn't like that Nexus 6P deal I just posted. Too big? Too expensive? Too metal? Well, I've got another deal for you that should make you happy. This time it's on the Nexus 5X, and it's only the best price I've ever seen on the 32GB model (that is, without signing up for Project Fi).

B&H has the White Nexus 5X on sale for $349.99 with an extra $50 off with coupon code BHNEXUS5X. That drops the price to a mere $299.99. Before you ask, no, the code doesn't work with the 16GB model, or with the other colors of the 32GB model.

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