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Here's The Verizon Employee Edition Of The DROID Ultra, Complete With Red Racing Stripe

As with some previous Verizon flagship devices, employees are being given a customized version of the new Motorola DROID Ultra. Well, "given" may be too strong a word - they get a reduced $99 price ($100 off) with a two-year contract. Verizon will also throw in some DROID-branded accessories, namely a free case and some SOL Republic JAX earbuds. Droid-Life spotted the Employee Edition, presumably on an internal store, set to ship on August 20th with the other DROIDs.


As seen in at least one leak, the cosmetic differences to this DROID Ultra are unique. Instead of the full black or red offered on the standard model, it has a "racing stripe" of black and red Kevlar down the back, complete with a red Motorola logo and camera module.

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Verizon Makes The DROID Ultra And Maxx Official: Same Familiar Droids, With A Bunch Of New Stuff

We've known for a while what Verizon was going to announce today, but the company just made it's new Holy Trinity of Motorola Droids official: the Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX, and Droid Mini. As expected, all three are successors to last year's Droid M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX. While the Mini is basically in a league of its own, the Ultra and MAXX are kindred spirits, essentially only being separated by battery capacity and thickness.

1[7] 2

  • 5-inch "HD" display
  • Motorola X8 octa-core CPU: 2 Application processing cores, 4 GPU cores, 1 contextual processor core, 1 natural language core – 24% faster CPU and 100% faster GPU over predecessors
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10MP f/2.4 rear camera with Quick Capture for instant photos and DroidZap for instant sharing
  • Touchless Control – wake the device by saying "OK Google Now"
  • Kevlar unibody design
  • Droid Command Center: an exclusive homescreen widget that offers quick access to missed called, SMS, battery level, and weather
  • Both devices ship with Ingress pre-installed
  • Both devices offer six months of free access to Google Play Music All Access if purchased before September 30th
  • Droid Ultra: white black, or red
  • Droid Ultra: 7.3mm
  • Droid Ultra: 2,130mAh battery
  • Droid Maxx: 8.5mm body
  • Droid Maxx: 3,500mAh battery, 48 hour battery life, wireless charging
  • Droid Maxx: soft touch black
  • Droid Maxx: $299
  • Droid Ultra: $199


Both devices are available for pre-order now at with a launch date of August 20th.

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Verizon Makes The DROID MINI Official: Powered By An 8-Core Motorola Chip, $99 On-Contract, Coming August 20th [Updated]

Just as expected, Verizon revealed its new family of DROIDs today, courtesy of Motorola. The smallest is (naturally) the DROID MINI, entry-level counterpart to the big daddy Ultra and MAXX, and ostensible sequel to the excellent DROID RAZR M. The phone uses the same Kevlar-wrapped style as the larger phones, with the naturally updated hardware that you'd expect. It launches on August 20th for $99 on-contract, and pre-orders will be live today.


All three new phones use a Motorola-branded octocore system on a chip, the X8. (This may be a bit of a misnomer - a Verizon slide mentioned 2 processor cores, 4 GPU cores, one contextual computing core, and one language processing core.) Verizon claims the CPU is 24% faster, while the GPU is 100% faster - not bad, considering the respectable Snapdragon S4 on the previous phones.

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DROID MAXX To Arrive With A 3,500mAh Wireless Charging-Capable Battery; DROID Mini And Ultra Left Far Behind

We have less than half a day left before the big Verizon triple-threat reveal of the new 2013 DROID family in New York City and San Francisco. The DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID MAXX should be worthy follow-ups to last year's DROID RAZR M, DROID RAZR HD, and DROID RAZR MAXX HD. In this post, I'm not going to talk about processor specs, RAM, or internal storage. Instead, I wanted to provide reliable information about these phones' batteries, along with the confirmations of wireless charging support built right into them. As a bonus, NFC and Wi-Fi details are also presented.

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Low-End LG Enact Tipped For Verizon, Sports Physical Buttons (Including Menu) And Meh Specs

Sometimes we're completely blown away by what carriers have coming down the pike. This is not one of those times.

Looks like Verizon is once again teaming up with LG for a low-end device, which @evleaks claims will be called the Enact, and has a model number of VS890. There is literally nothing remarkable about this phone, save for the fact that LG decided to give the Gingerbread days a nod and resurrect the physical menu button:


Looky thar!

According to recent filings at the FCC, BT SIG, and Wi-fi Alliance, we essentially know that this little guy is packing Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n; similarly, a listing over on GFXBench shows it's running Android 4.1.2, a 800x480 display resolution (*cringe*), a 1.2GHz CPU, and Adreno 305 GPU – the latter two indicate that it's either an S4 Plus or Snapdragon 400 processor.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE Shows Up On Wirefly For $50 On Contract (50% Off)

If you want a "ruggedized" phone on Verizon, you can have any model you want, so long as you want the Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE. It doesn't have a lot to recommend it aside from its tough-as-nails construction, but if Verizon's your only choice, it's better than nothing. And on that note, a $50 on-contract price tag is better than twice that at retail. Wirefly has the G'zOne Commando for $49.99, fifty bucks off the standard price.


There doesn't seem to be any other option beyond Verizon's retail stores - even Amazon isn't offering the G'zOne Commando 4G LTE yet.

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Someone At Samsung Really Likes Brown: Galaxy S4 In "Autumn Brown" Leaked For Verizon

Love 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit that Samsung has made a habit out of offering its flagship devices in as many hues as they possibly can. Leakster extraordinaire EVleaks posted a press shot of a new Galaxy S4 last night, sporting an Autumn Brown color and Verizon branding. There's no indication of when it will show up on store shelves.

brown s4

The leak says the phone is brown, but that's only half true: the back of the phone looks like the same diamond-pattern black as the older Galaxy S4, while the "brushed" pattern on the front bezel and home button gets a chocolate-colored makeover.

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Verizon's 'Edge' Is Official – New Payment Plan Options Start On August 25th

At this point, we've all heard of T-Mobile's JUMP! program, designed to let customers upgrade smartphones up to twice-yearly. And not to be outdone by T-Mo, AT&T announced its variant of the plan, dubbed Next. Of course, Verizon has its own thing going on, too – Edge. Up to this point, we've only seen leaks that allude to Edge's existence, but Big Red finally took the wraps off and made it official this morning.

Here's the basic gist: when you buy a phone on Edge, you won't need to sign a contract – it's a month-to-month deal. The full retail price of the phone will then be divided up over a 24 month period (you know, it's kind of like a two-year contract), so you'll effectively be financing your phone through Verizon, sans-interest, of course.

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Verizon Finally Publishes The Changelog For The Recent Galaxy S 4 VRUAME7 Update, Here Are The Details

So you know about that big scary update for Verizon's Galaxy S 4 that blocks root, patches the bootloader, and haunts your children's dreams. The question is, though, what else does it do? Verizon finally spilled the beans (someone grab a mop and clean this mess up, please), and it's chock-full of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

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Verizon Stratosphere II Gets Firmware Update Version I415VRBMF1, Says Goodbye To A Few Substantial Bugs

The Verizon Stratosphere II is one of those phones. You know, the quirky - I mean, qwerty - kind that packs just enough punch to be functional but not enough to wow the bulk of us. Today Verizon has announced the latest firmware update, version I415VRBMF1, that gives the little handset a little tune-up. The device should now give a more accurate read of data usage and leave behind a few jarring bugs, such as issues where auto-correct inadvertently replaces an entire text message and the SIM pin entry screen displays the incorrect number of remaining attempts. If any owners out there have suffered from the screen going blue and requiring a hard reset, that should also now be a thing of the past.

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