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Motorola Droid 2 Gets Its First Update

No product is perfect - especially when it launches. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that software updates are often pushed out shortly after release so as to eliminate bugs, incompatibilities, and increase speed.

It appears that's exactly what Verizon's doing today, for software version.2.2.20.A955.Verizon.en.US/BP: BP_C_01.09.05P for the Droid 2 is now rolling out, OTA style. It isn't a major revision, but it does include a number of enhancements, including:

  • Streamlined setup of Visual Voice Mail
  • Improved contact syncing with Corporate Exchange
  • More accurate contact pictures in the recent call log
  • Scrolling text and picture messages

As always, the comments section below is the place to let us know how the update works out for you.

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T-Mobile G2 Launching September 29?

Sure, we already know exactly what the G2 looks like, but unfortunately, we still have no idea what the specs will be or when the device is launching.


Well, with this latest round of rumors, you can cross the latter item off the list of mysteries related to the world's first HSPA+ phone, for TmoNews has just been told by one of their "trusty ninjas" that T-Mobile's got a September 29 launch date in store.

It's important to note that even TmoNews admits that this release date is far from official and that it is apt to change, although it certainly isn't unlikely given the fact that T-Mobile has announced practically nothing about the device other than that it will be their first HSPA+ capable phone.

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Engadget Scores More G2 Pics

Friday's round of blurrycam shots of T-Mobile's upcoming G2 not enough for you? Then you'll appreciate this story.

As you can see from the image above, the G2's slider mechanism will lift the top part of the device upwards before moving it out so as to provide full access to the physical QWERTY keyboard beneath it.

Speaking of the keyboard, it looks amazing (even if the above picture only displays part of it).

The back of the Android-powered gadget is a beauty.

And, last but not least, where would we be without a shot of the G2 next to the iPhone?

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Motorola MB520 Kobe Specs And Benchmarks Leak Out

Been thinking that AT&T's Android offerings are shall we put it....measly as of late? Sure, the Dell Streak and the Samsung Captivate are nothing to scoff at, but the latter is a member of the Galaxy S family, a line of phones coming soon to all four major carriers (as well as a few regionals), while the former is a 5-inch phone/tablet hybrid currently running Android 1.6 that, in all probability, won't be getting FroYo for at least a few months.

Enter the Motorola MB520 Kobe, a device that, according to Engadget's latest tipster, sports specs like:

  • a 3.5-inch 854x480 LCD display
  • an 800MHz TI OMAP processor (although it is unclear whether it is a 3440 or an underclocked 3630)
  • a PowerVR SGX 530 GPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 2 GB internal storage alongside a 2GB microSD card out of the box
  • a 3MP camera without flash
  • Android 2.1 with MotoBlur (see screenshot at the top of this article)
  • The specs aren't all Engadget's tipster managed to grab; he/she also procured several screenshots of benchmarking apps, including Linpack and Quadrant, the former of which clocked it at 6.319 MFLOPS - not bad for a phone running Android 2.1 - and the latter of which gave it a score of 1036, a score which only the Nexus One (running stock FroYo) and the Droid X surpassed.

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    Engadget Scores Blurrycam Shots Of T-Mobile G2

    Just like the title says: some real, live shots of the T-Mobile G2 out in the real world have landed in Engadget’s lap. Based on the photos, it looks like the earlier leaked renders were pretty accurate, albeit the colors were off. It’s not a bad looking piece of kit, though it is does look a bit utilitarian. In fact, it looks like what I’d imagine the Nexus Two to look like.


    It’ll be sporting a 3.7” screen and a full four-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the G1, the entire body of the G2 slides up rather than just the screen portion - an improvement, in my opinion.

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    [Updated With Mirror] Motorola Droid X Update Leaked - Requires Root & Stock Recovery

    MyDroidWorld has scored a big one today: they’ve hosted the Droid X Froyo ROM, thanks to the hard work of P3Droid, Birdman, and rootzwiki. Installation seems relatively simple, and boy is it a popular download: their server was bombarded with 15,000 download requests shortly after posting it.



    Installation seems rather simple, assuming you're rooted and are running stock recovery:



    They’ve hosted the file with MediaFire since it seems to have crashed their servers.

    Unfortunately, we don’t really have any details at this point since this just happened, but we’ll update as needed. If anyone takes the jump, be sure to let us know how it goes!

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    Vodafone Officially Rolling Out Froyo To HTC Desire On Monday, August 23

    This morning on Vodafone’s forums, a VF employee announced that the Froyo update for the HTC Desire would be rolling out on Monday. We knew it was coming soon - on August 12, we relayed that they expected it to roll out in 7-10 days - sans crapware. The update is rolling out a bit later than expected (August 23 would be 11 days) because they wanted to make sure they’d worked out all the kinks. Vodafone is hoping to roll out the update to all customers within a two-week timeframe.

    In what seems to be an attempt to appease customers who are still pissed off over the Vodafone 360 crapware debacle, they’ve even provided instructions for how to remove it:

    Instructions for users who downloaded and now want to remove the Vodafone 360 update (

    If you have downloaded the Vodafone 360 update and want to remove it from your device, you will need to follow one of these two approaches, depending on whether or not you have accessed and updated the “360 Updates” or “Shop” apps pre-installed in the update.

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    Acer And Motorola Waiting For Gingerbread To Release Android Tablets

    If you can’t wait any longer for a quality Android tablet, this may come as a bit of bad news. Both Acer and Motorola are planning to delay the release of their respective Android tablets until the release of Android 3.0, which is expected to feature support for higher-resolution screens.

    Acer’s tablet may be pushed back until the first quarter of 2011, which could put a damper on previous rumors that Gingerbread would be released some time before the end of the year. Motorola’s tablet, on the other hand, may see Gingerbread much earlier, as Google is working directly with Motorola to get Android 3.0 working on their 10.1” device (which could be the rumored “Stingray” tablet headed to Verizon).

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    EVO Owners Benchmark 10 Custom ROMs, 1 Stock ROM

    This has got to be one of the most useful things I’ve seen in my tenure here, although I may be biased because I own an EVO. XDA forum member nief1313 is in the (very slow) process of compiling the results of testing and benchmarking a ton of EVO ROMs. When I say a ton, I mean 11:

    1. Stock Froyo
    2. CyanogenMod 6 RC2
    3. DamageControl 3.5
    4. Fresh EVO
    5. BakedSnack 1.2.5
    6. Burnt Droid 1.0
    7. EViO 2 Series v1.0.2
    8. EViO 2 Series v1.1
    9. Ava-FroyoV3RevA
    10. OMJ’s v2.1
    11. FroYo Fusion 2.3

    Quite the comprehensive list, and a popular one at that: as I write this, there 27 people are viewing the spreadsheet.

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    Koush Releases Custom ClockworkMod Recovery For Motorola Droid X - Nandroid Backups And Restores Now Possible; Next Stop: Custom ROMs

    This article mentions rooting, Nandroid, and flashing of custom ROMs. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms, hit up our primers on rooting, custom ROMs, and Nandroid backups.

    The Droid X, Motorola's and Verizon's current flagship handset, has been rooted earlier this month (method 1, method 2), and today Koushik Dutta, the author of ClockworkMod recovery and the lead developer behind CM6 for Droid, released the first working recovery for this beast.

    This means that users can now easily back up and restore their handsets using Nandroid backup, whether to get back to a certain state in the past or to roll back to a good state due to accidental "bricking" - a situation which is common for those treading in the undocumented territory that is the Droid X internals.

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