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Marvel Drops Official App In The Android Market, Makes Buying Comics Even Easier

Not to be outdone by DC Comics, Marvel just pushed its official app into the Android Market. The app allows you to purchase and download comics featuring all of your Marvel favorites -- everyone from Captain America to Wolverine are along for the ride.

The app offers two ways of reading your comics: guided or traditional view. Guided offers an animated, panel-by-panel look at the comic, while traditional utilizes current device controls to zoom and pan through pages.

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The app is compatible with Android 2.1+, which includes tablets -- but don't expect a Honeycomb-optimized interface. Still, the added screen real estate can't be a bad thing when reading a comic.

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GO Launcher Dev Team Releases 'GO Note Widget,' A Quick And Easy Way To Keep Up With Schedules And ToDos

The GO Launcher Dev Team, the branch of the GO Dev Team responsible for GO Launcher and a number of plugins/widgets, has released yet another extremely useful widget into the Market: GO Note Widget. This widget is a simple, yet highly functional addition to your homescreen that allows you to jot down a quick note, keep track of tasks and todos, or even draw or doodle in a note.

GO Note offers three different widgets: a 1x1 note, 2x2 doodle/handwriting utility, and 4x3 todo/schedule widget. If that's not enough choice for you, GO Note also allows you to customize both page and font color, so the widget can easily blend with any theme or wallpaper.

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Amex Customers Can Now Have All Their Banking Needs Taken Care Of With The American Express App For Android Tablets

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bank and American Express may have given potential clients one more reason to pick them by launching the Amex for Android tablet app. The app allows American Express cardholders to review charges, pay bills, and take care of most of their banking needs.

Right now, the app supports the following features, with more being added:

  • Scheduling a payment
  • Checking your balance
  • Viewing your recent charges and payments
  • Managing all your card accounts
  • Viewing your membership rewards point balance

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To use the app simply download it to your Android 3.0+ tablet and log in using the same user ID and password you would use on

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BlueStacks Announces App Player For Windows And Cloud Connect

Today, BlueStacks - a company specializing in Android app integration in Windows - will be making two large, and (hopefully) impressive announcements.

One of these announcements is the Alpha version of their App Player for Windows. If the name didn't already clue you in, BlueStacks App Player allows you to run Android applications on your Windows machine and enter a whole new level of Appoholism. This means that all of your favorite Android apps are now also your favorite PC apps and, by extension, your favorite Android games can now be your favorite PC games. Imagine the convenience of playing Angry Birds on a huge screen that isn't in your bathroom (Android Police cannot be held responsible if you get confused in this scenario and require new pants).

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Google Debuts Dart, An Easy New Programming Language For Web Development

Earlier today, Google officially debuted Dart, their new programming language intended to make web development easy by offering a somewhat familiar structure with enough flexibility to open up new possibilities, including the ability to run on "all modern web browsers and environments."

Google's dedicated Dart website features the language spec and preliminary development tools as open source, giving developers a chance to get acquainted with the language during its early development. The site also has code samples and a few tutorials to get you started.


Lars Bak, a software engineer on the Dart team, describes the new language on Google's code blog as a class-based, optionally typed language, aiming to fulfill the goals of being structured yet flexible, offering a familiar and natural feel for developers, and ensuring that Dart offers a high standard of performance on "all modern web browsers and environments ranging from small handheld devices to server-side execution."

The code blog goes on to explain that Dart has the ability to be implemented on a native virtual machine, or through a compiler that translates it to JavaScript, allowing the language to fulfill its goal of running on each and every modern browser.

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Web Android Market Finally Allows Sorting Of User Reviews By Newest, Rating, Or Helpfulness

Bringing probably one of the most useful changes to the web Android Market since its reveal, Google just rolled out an update to how user reviews can be sorted. But first, a little bit of history. When the Market was released, all reviews were sorted in a natural reverse chronological order.

At some point later, Google changed the sort to float most helpful reviews to the top (whatever that algorithm may be), which infuriated many as now old and oftentimes irrelevant reviews showed up above newer, more useful ones.

Today, we, the users, can finally sort reviews any way we see fit:

  • newest
  • rating
  • helpfulness


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[Coming Soon] ROU Launcher Looks To Bring A Whole New Experience To Android

One thing that makes Android so versatile is all of the available apps that allow for extreme customization of nearly any device. Out of those apps, one of the easiest ways to customize the look and feel of your device is with a custom launcher. We've seen interesting takes on the launcher before, but Team ROU is looking to bring a whole new kind of interface to Android -- and it looks damn good. Check it:

Unfortunately, ROU Launcher is still in its pre-alpha stages, so it's still a ways off from public availability. With that said, though, Team ROU hopes to have a full release ready by the end of the year.

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Gun Strike (Beta) Makes Shooting Down Baddies In Your Spare Time Lighthearted And Fun

Looking to expand the selection of first person shooter games available for Android, Paladin Entertainment Co. Ltd. has brought us Gun Strike. The game may not fully reflect one's expectations of a typical FPS, however. Gun Strike features cutesy, stylized baddies, and the player stays stationary throughout most of the game, shooting at enemies as they run, roll, or pop into and across the environment, using a wide variety of weapons, from hand guns to assault rifles to grenades.

gs1 gs2 gs3

While Gun Strike's visual elements are clearly stylized and aim for a sort of cartoonish simplicity, the characters are animated smoothly and accurately, and there are subtle visual touches that make the game feel quite polished and thoughtful.

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Birzzle Puts A Twist On Block-Matching Gameplay - Results In A Brilliant, Fast-Paced Puzzler

Making their first entry into the Android Market, the developers at Enfeel Inc. may have struck gold with Birzzle, a fast-paced puzzle game that offers familiar "match three," Bejeweled-style gameplay with a refreshing twist.

While the game ostensibly relies on the tried-and-true premise of matching objects in a grid formation, Birzzle offers something a bit new - the player can drag and drop birds to create groups, but can only grab hold of those birds who are not blocked by others. This speeds up the gameplay considerably, and, along with a multitude of special blocks, keeps the game interesting and fun.

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Android Users Can Now Control Their ADT Home Security Systems From Anywhere Thanks To ADT Pulse (Beta)

ADT's mobile home security offering, ADT Pulse, has been available for iPhone for some time now, but has recently made its debut on Android. ADT has released its Pulse Beta app into the Android Market, bringing highly sophisticated security controls to the palm of your hand.

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ADT's Pulse Beta not only allows you to arm and disarm your ADT security system, but includes very impressive controls for lights, security cameras, and even thermostats. For those concerned with the security of having control of their home security system on their mobile, it is worth noting that the app requires users to log in before accessing any security features.

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