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SwipePad Update Adds Drag-And-Drop Shortcut Editing, Bigger Pads In MoreSpace Plugin

SwipePad is a favorite among power users, since its always-on gestures make a handful of apps available at any time via a side-swipe. That said, the setup process is surprisingly clunky, since you have to swipe, long press, and open a pop-up any time you want to add or move a shortcut. Yesterday's update changes this, adding an edit function in the primary settings. Users can now drag and drop app shortcuts as well as assign them inside the app, making the process much faster.

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In addition, the MoreSpace plugin app has been updated to allow for larger Pads, with grids of up to 42 apps or shortcuts (7x6).

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Evernote 5.0 Released For Android, Introduces Smart Notebook Compatibility And Document Search For Premium Users

If you're an Evernote user, you might want to head over to the Play Store and check for updates. The latest version of the popular note taking app just landed, and it's packing some pretty neat features for both non-premium and premium users.

One of the biggest changes in the new version is the introduction of Page Camera, which take photos of physical documents and digitize them in your notebooks. The Android app is now also compatible with the Smart Notebook by Moleskine, which has specially formatted paper making it easy to bring your notes into the digital world.

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For premium users, a feature has been added that allows you to search through attached documents, spreadsheets and presentations, so if you're looking for something that you've tagged on to a note, it's now a little bit easier.

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500px Beta Hits The Play Store, Lets You Test The Latest Features Before They're Ready For Prime Time

If you're a fan of the photography-aggregating service 500px, then you may be interested in seeing what the company is brewing for upcoming versions of the app. Thanks to the new beta version of 500px, which hit the Play Store this morning, now you can.

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All the latest beta features, and the silhouette of a moose. What more could you want?

The 500px beta app brings the latest features the company is working on before they're ready for prime time in order to let users not only check them out, but also report any issues they're having. So, basically it's just an open beta.

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BBC News App Updated To Work On 1080p Devices, Adds Widgets And A Bit More Holo

The BBC News reader on Android got an update today that should please the pixel poppers among the audience. The app has been optimized to take advantage of Super Mega Ultra dense displays like on the Xperia Z and Droid DNA (to say nothing of the upcoming HTC One and Galaxy S 4). A pile of bugs have been squashed in the new update as well.

Here's the full change log:

What's in this version:

This is a major update of our app, with improved performance and image quality.
The app is now optimised across different screen sizes and we've also fixed a number of bugs.

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[Deal Alert] SNK Playmore Sale: All Metal Slug Titles 50% Off, 66% Off Blazing Star In The Play Store

Need a little old-school kick to start your weekend? Then look no further than SNK's developer page on the Play Store. Over the last few months they've populated it with no less than four of their classic Metal Slug side-scrollers (Metal Slugs 1, 2, 3, and X) and the top-down space shooter Blazing Star. All are available at significant discounts: half off for the Metal Slug games, bringing them to two bucks each, and a full two-thirds off for Blazing Star, which is now just a dollar.

unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8)

If you've never heard of Metal Slug... well, shame on you. It started out in the Playstation era as a modern (for the time) arcade riff on Contra, featuring copious amounts of both running and gunning paired with crushing difficulty.

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Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising Brings Addictive Anime-Style MMO Fun To Android

To say that Koreans get into video games more than most of us would be an understatement. Sure, we may stay up til midnight to play a sweet new game, but these guys build friggin' stadiums to play them in. Starcraft isn't the only game that's taken off in  Korea, though. Ragnarok Online has been a huge MMORPG in the country that spread worldwide and is now landing on Android.

ragnarok1 ragnarok2 ragnarok3

The mobile MMO features a touchscreen-oriented UI (as you'd expect), a solo mode or online play for users who want to play with a party. Interestingly, you can also login to the game via Facebook, which may be a change for most MMO players.

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Magic 2014: Duels Of The Planeswalkers Coming Soon To Android, Maybe We Don't Have To Make Neckbeard Jokes This Time

Ok, first I'm going to tap for a red to bolt the Dimir Guildmage and swing for 6. Then, tap another red and my Everflowing Chalice for 4 to summon a Deathforge Shaman and pay the kicker 5 times for 10 damage. See, you should have mulled in the beginning, you were too mana screwed to play your hosers. I've got the game unless you topdeck a Geddon. Oh crap, it's shutting down! No!!! I've been playing Magic 2014 all day and forgot my charging cable!!!

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast and a press release for Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers, conversations like these are about to become way more common.

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[New Game] Crumble Zone - A Beautiful, Colorful, Space Shooting, Alien Loving, Game - Arrives On Android

Crumble Zone has all the ingredients for a great action arcade game. Aliens? Check. Guns? Check. Great artwork? Check. Best of all, it just came out on Android and it's free!

So here's the deal: you're the alien, naturally, and you have to shoot down a load of meteorites and asteroids whilst rotating around a planet that you're trying to save. The more space rock you destroy, the higher your score.

crumble1 crumble2

Despite the simple premise, the game promises to keep you playing until your battery has run dry. If the graphics don't get your attention (they probably will), you'll still be busy beating your score or playing multiplayer mode, so if you tend to procrastinate a lot then watch out.

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[New Game] EMERGENCY Released For Android: Now You Can Fight Terrorists And Meteors From The Comfort Of Your Own Smartphone

We may have managed to survive 2012 without the world coming to an end, but you can't really say the same for the poor folks in 'EMERGENCY'.

Gamers on iOS have been able to battle against plane crashes, train crashes, meteor impacts and terrorists for a while now, and the popular game has finally made its way over to the Play Store to allow Android users to get in on the action as well.

em1 em3

As Head of Operations, EMERGENCY throws 13 disaster scenarios at you, each of which you must fight during missions, with 18 units at your disposal. The game has already topped the charts on the iOS App Store, so it will be interesting to see how it fares on Android with the $3.99 price tag.

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[New Game] NAMCO Brings PAC-MAN + Tournaments To Android For Free

Sometimes, classic games are just better. If you're tired of playing through endless variations of Temple Run and flinging animated birds across your smartphone display, then you'll no doubt be glad to hear that NAMCO has just released PAC-MAN + Tournaments on Android.

The app has been designed so that it remains very similar to the original arcade version of the game, and you'll be able to play PAC-MAN Classic to your heart's content with a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen. If you want to try something a little bit different, you'll find new tournaments and mazes to play through too, with achievements available throughout the game, bringing PAC-MAN into the 21st century.

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