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Google Photos v1.2 Lets You Easily Add Photos To Albums, Set Album Covers, And Create Photo Descriptions [APK Download]

Google Photos version 1.1 didn't come with much in the way of changes, and the tradition looks like it's holding true for 1.2 as well. But hey, sometimes we like minor tweaks just as much. So let's go over them, and then you can rush to grab the APK.

What's New

For starters, there's the ability to easily add individual photos to albums from the drop-down menu. Here's a before and after shot.

Photos4 Photos5

Left: Old, Right: New

And when you're inside of an album, you also have the option to set an image as the album cover.

Photos1 Photos2 Photos3

There's no logic to this untitled album.

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Wednesday App And Game Sales: Goat Simulator GoatZ, HIIT Interval Training Timer, Limbo, And More

We all love getting new stuff, but most people expect you to pay for it. What a bummer. At least if you wait for things to go on sale you can spend a little less money. Here are some sales so you can get new stuff (which you like) for less money (which you also like).


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Swiftkey Clarity Keyboard Beta v0.5.3 #$#%! $!$*$%# @# @$&$&#@!$ #$$! @#$#%@$@#!

@@#!%@# @#!~^%# @#%@#$@#% @#! @$%@# @@@#$% @*&4^$ @#^!@#. #$^@ #@#. ^%@#^ *@#%*#$*&& &*%^#&*$&^&# #& &$#*@*@#$ ^#$^@#$^ #%^@#$^#$$# &&^O*&%& ^&&*@&*& &&@#&%.

!@%$@ @&#& !&%@*&#% @&# &! & &@&%*!@%$ ##$!$ @$@$%@ &@ #@$%@# @@@#$% @*&4^$ @#^!@#.

#*%*@ @&%&@W#% &@&#&@% ###&%&!@&% &#$*@&&% %&@** O@&$*@&#*!& @&*@&# $&@ !@ @ @&$O@&*. $& @&#% # @# %&@&% @#@#@.


* Stop correcting profanities

@#@#@ %&@&% #@ # %#&@ &$. *&@O$&@ @ @! @&$ #&@*&@ &!*#&@*$&@O **@&% %&&@*$#& %&@!&%&### %@&#&@& %#W@&%&@ @*%*#

#@!^#@ $^4&*@ %$#@@@ #@%$@# @& @%$@$@ $!$## $%@!*%&@& & !& #&@ %#&*@%&! &#&@ @$%@!

%&#@&& &*&@*&&^ &%&*O^&& #$$#^$#@^%# ^$#@^$#^ $#@*@*#$& &# #&^&$*&#^%*& &&*$#*%#@* ^#@%^.

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Microsoft Garage Introduces Send, An Email Client That Thinks It's An Instant Messenger—Coming Soon To Android

Email is the digital version of sending out letters, but given that the metaphorical postal worker delivers these messages instantly, it's not uncommon for correspondence to grow increasingly brief. This email I'm about to send you doesn't contain four paragraphs. It's a single sentence, and I only want a one-word reply. Stat.

Under such circumstances, loading up webmail or firing up a bulky client can feel unnecessary. Why aren't we using an instant messenger? Couldn't you have fit that into a text? (I don't have your number, silly).

To address this particular dynamic, Microsoft Garage has developed Send. This experimental little app treats email like instant messaging.

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Skype 5.6 Brings A New Recent Tab That Shows More Chats, Places Round Avatars Plus Online Status On All Screens, And More

Do you skype with Hangouts or with Skype? If you skype with Skype, here's a bit of good news—version 5.6 is now available on the Play Store.

This release should make life easier for skypers who keep multiple chats going at all times. The Recent tab now shows more conversations on screen at once. Skype has also made tweaks that better show when your friends are online regardless of your location within the app.

While we're talking about looks, those round avatars that have been around for a while in chat screens and the contact list will appear more consistently elsewhere in the app, such as on the Favorites tab.

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Piloteer Is A Beautiful Physics-Based Jetpack Sim With Punishing Difficulty

Sure, jetpacks seem like a good idea at first, then you realize how hard it would be to not die while using one. Piloteer gives form to that fear with a mercilessly challenging physics simulator. You have a jetpack in this game, but it doesn't have any fancy gyroscopic stabilizers or wussy safety measures. You fly, you fail (fabulously), you fly again.

In the main career mode of Piloteer, you are given 60 different missions across three lovely art deco levels. The missions can be anything from land in this spot, to stay in the air for 5 seconds, to fly through these rings.

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Kodi 15 Is Out In The Play Store With 4K Support On Android, New Chapter Selector Window, Adaptive Seeking, And More

Kodi, also known as the app formerly known as XBMC, has made it to version 15. This evolution comes a little over half a year since the last major release. We're graced with a number of new features, a big one being 4K support on Android devices with capable hardware and a version of Lollipop. Refreshrate switching and HEVC playback are also available on such gadgets.

The changes don't stop there, and since we're talking about a media player, the additions get increasingly specific. For instance, take the new chapter selector window that lets you select chapters in video formats that support them.

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DUFL Is A Non-Fictional Service That Cleans, Stores, And Ships Your Clothing For You While Traveling And Is Now On Android

The advent of technology and the booming Silicon Valley scene doesn't only benefit the masses, but also helps spawn incredibly niche and boutique services. Are you sick of packing your own suitcase, cleaning your own clothes, and taking it all with you on your many trips around the country? Well, if you're willing to pay a hefty price, DUFL will take care of all these things for you and now can do so via a new Android app.

I can't decide if this is solving a problem that doesn't exist or if DUFL just solves a real problem in a really inefficient way.

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..., Along With Android App, Launches To Become Your Internet Shopping Destination And We Have A Code For A Free Year Of Membership

After a long period of fundraising and secretive planning, has officially launched to the general public. Founded by Quidsi founders and former Amazon employees, the new retailer values one thing over everything else: have the lowest prices on the web and be the lowest by a noticeable margin. While that may sound like the same thing everyone promises, has a truly interesting way of making it happen. If Amazon is the Wal-Mart of e-commerce, will be more like the Costco.

Check out the YouTube video above for a quick rundown of how it all works. First of all, will be a members-only venture.

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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over—YouTube On Android Now Shows Vertical Videos Properly In Full Screen

Vertical videos are terrible for many reasons, but we may have to come to terms with the fact that people just won't stop recording videos vertically. This inescapable foible of humanity is made slightly less galling by a new feature in YouTube 10.28 (which you can grab from APK Mirror). Vertical videos are now displayed properly (i.e. vertically) when made full screen - something we didn't quite notice until today.

large Screenshot_2015-07-21-16-22-23

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