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[New App] Popular Windows Anti-Malware Suite Malwarebytes Now Available On Android

According to Google, less than one hundredth of a percent of apps out there are both malicious and capable of evading the built-in defenses in both Android and the Google Play Store. But if you really feel like you need a defense from that one-in-100,000 app, a trusted name in software protection has just entered the fray. Malwarebytes, makers of the popular eponymous Windows software, is now offering its services on Android.

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The anti-malware app works on the familiar and relatively ancient principle of a scanner paired to an updated database of naughty apps. According to the company's press release, the app actively scans for "over 200 malware families" in real-time in both apps and general files.

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[New Game] Fist Of Awesome Jumps From Kickstarter To The Google Play Store, And Punches Every Bear Along The Way

You know that feeling you get every once in a while, when you suddenly have this undeniable urge to punch a bear in the face? Tim does, and when his family is kidnapped by a secret conspiracy of ursine overlords, he's got the perfect excuse to indulge. The pixelated, flannel-wearing hero of Fist of Awesome is out to punch everything that moves and kick everything that doesn't.

Fist of Awesome started out as a Kickstarter project to fund an old-school, Streets of Rage-style beat-em-up, and is now somewhat belatedly available on Android. The story is the sort of drug-fueled, self aware mess that you might expect to see on an underfunded web comic.

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Netflix v3.0 For Android Begins A Slow Rollout – Complete Redesign With Slide-Out Navigation, Action Bar, And No More Lag [APK Download]

Android users have had a bit of a love-hate thing going on with Netflix in recent years. Even after a series of updates, the Netflix app was barely usable. Even so, it was the single best source for streaming video on Android and one of the few apps supporting the Chromecast. Starting today, we can put a stop to hate by simply updating our apps. Netflix v3.0 is rolling out to everyone with a completely revamped interface. Because no one like waiting for staged rollouts, we have the APK for you to download right now.

2013-10-16 04.38.38 2013-10-16 04.39.09

The overall layout hasn't really changed, but everything is much sharper.

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Feedly Version 17 Adds Faster Start-Up Time, Article Search, Visual Tweaks, Support For Android KitKat And Galaxy Gear, And More

Feedly has replaced the much-loved Google Reader for quite a few of you, so we tend to pay attention when a new version hits the Play Store. Today the Android app has been updated to version 17 with a laundry list of improvements and tweaks. There's nothing game-changing in there (though arguably the "300% faster start time" is a big deal), but it does include "support for Android Kitkat." No, the developers are not elaborating on that.

Screenshot_2013-10-15-21-44-38 Screenshot_2013-10-15-21-45-53 Screenshot_2013-10-15-21-44-55

In addition to the updated navigation menu, the biggest visual change is probably the adjusted widget. It's a little cleaner with a larger focus on the image, but it still only displays one story at a time, which is why yours truly is sticking with the Feedly API-compatible Greader.

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AOL Releases Official Local Community News Service 'Patch' App To Android After Acquiring The Company Four Years Ago

Roughly four years ago, AOL bought a little company called Patch that focuses on local community news. More specifically, "everything you need to know about your town, from local government to school news to what to do with your family this weekend" according to Patch's homepage. Unfortunately it's not available in all areas (or even all states) so there are probably many users who haven't heard of the service (myself included).

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Those who have, however, will be happy to know that there's now an official Android app. According to the Play Store listing, the app "delivers a beautiful browsing experience to Android users, with an emphasis on simplicity." Sound like something you'd be interested in?

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[New App] Square Launches Its New Square Cash Service With Matching Android App For Super-Easy Payments Via Email

There are exactly 242 ways to send money to someone over the internet now, but Square thinks it has found an angle no one else has worked yet. Square Cash is a new way to get money from your bank account to someone else's, and it relies on sending an email. Not impressed? The thing is, that's all you have to do.

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To use Cash, just send an email to the person you want to give the money to with the amount in the subject line, and make sure you CC [email protected]. The email goes off, then your acquaintance/friend/bookie can deposit the money directly in their bank account.

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Google Play Books v3 For Android Is Rolling Out, Brings Search For Scanned Pages And More [APK Download]

On Tuesday night, surprisingly ahead of the usual update-all-the-things-Wednesday, Google released a major revision of the Play Books app for Android, updating it from v2 (2.9.21) to v3 (3.0.15). The changelog, which was shockingly present from the get-go (thank you!), confused me a bit but after digging around, I finally figured out what it means. Oh, and I found another fix that wasn't mentioned.

What's New?

The official changelog is as follows:

  • Added the ability to search the text of original-pages books.
  • Added a "see all" shortcut from Read Now to My Library.
  • Stability improvements.

Searching in scanned pages

Play Books supports a variety of book formats:

  • some books have "flowing text"
  • some books have scanned pages
  • some have both.
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[Bonus Round] The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms, Mosaika, Flux: Flow Puzzle, And Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle


The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms

This Com2Us game is a Nintendo DS port, a series of locked room puzzles set in a world that combines magic and a few steampunk sensibilities.

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[New Game] I, Gladiator Finally Enters The Android Arena With Brutal, Bloody Gameplay (And In-App Purchases) Intact

At first, the screenshots of I, Gladiator make it look like the latest in a long line of Infinity Blade clones. But wait, dear reader: this is no tired, overproduced button-masher. This is a new, exciting, fresh overproduced button masher, which attempts to adapt the feel and controls of a big-time console beat-em-up like Devil May Cry for mobile devices. What does that mean? It means you can actually walk around and pick which bad guy you're about to dismember.

The control scheme is a bit of a hybrid: you use the standard "move on left, look on right" controls to guide your burly hunk of man-meat around the arena until you find an opponent.

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[New Game] First-Person Shooter Neon Shadow From Crescent Moon Games Brings Human On Robot Violence To Android [Update x2]

Update: The game had a showstopper bug, so it's been pulled until tomorrow when a new version will be uploaded.

Update 2: The game should be live again, sans loading bug.

What are you supposed to do when a race of evil machines has taken over your glowing neon space station? Shoot things? Yeah, that sounds about right. Neon Shadow from Crescent Moon Games lets you do just that as the evil Mechanoids seek to eradicate humanity. It's up to you to stop them one shotgun blast at a time.

Neon Shadow is a first-person shooter in the same vein as Quake 3 – some of the level design even has a Quake kind of vibe.

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