So you need to get some files from your phone into the cloud? FolderSync is one of the most popular ways to do it. This app gives you very fine control over what files go where and when, and today it's getting a sizable update to v2.7 with a bit of a UI makeover and some new features.

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Last Updated: January 1st, 2015

As is the tradition, the current Humble Bundle has been beefed up with some new titles to entice potential buyers. The Noodlecake bundle, which debuted last week, just got five new games, including an unlocked bonus title with more on the way (maybe).

2014-12-29 15_34_08-Humble Noodlecake Mobile Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

Last Updated: December 30th, 2014

Android Wear 5.0 is finally out on all devices, and that means developers are playing a little catch-up. Not only are there new system features to take advantage of, we finally have full support for custom watch faces. Many of the previously released ones have been updated for Android 5.0, but we're focusing here mostly on newly added apps and watch faces.

A lot of the new Android Wear watch faces are cool, and a surprising number of them are free.


Twitter outages are becoming much less common these days. In fact, there was a time not that long ago that the fail whale was an almost daily sight. Twitter is going back to its roots this evening with an authentication outage that's been dragging on for several hours already. So if you're unable to log in, don't worry, it's not a problem on your end.

2014-12-28 21_47_47-Twitter _ Maintenance


It's getting to be that time again. Yes, time for developers to get into the holiday spirit and drop their prices. You can pick up a ton of great stuff for not a ton of money. Just head past the break and see what we've got.

xmas sales


Shift. Photo filters. Pick one, customize it. Need I explain more? *Eye roll* Alright alright, I will. So you know how most photography apps offer a list of preset filters that are supposed to make your images pretty? Or artful maybe? If you ever wanted more freedom over these filters, Shift could be your solution.

The app, which started out on iOS, has just been released on Android — a Christmas gift of sorts from the team.

unnamed (7)

Here at Android Police, we've made our position on the prevalence of free-to-play mobile games perfectly known, to wit: most of them suck. It often seems like instead of embracing the audience-widening possibilities that the phrase "free game" implies, developers and publishers use it as an excuse to design games around compelling in-app purchases for more and more fleeting rewards. The phenomenon is well-documented, so I won't bore you with the inherently manipulative methods of most F2P games - you can read here and here if you really need a refresher.


Solid Explorer has long been one of the most popular file managers on Android because of its slick dual-pane UI and extensive feature list. However, the UI isn't what you'd call intuitive. A big material redesign is in the works, and you can test it right now by joining the Google+ community.

2014-12-24 22.43.08 2014-12-24 22.43.15 2014-12-24 22.44.10


Perhaps you're wondering what this Kodi thing is... well, it's XBMC. They just don't call it XBMC anymore. The latest version of this all-in-wonder media player and content organizer has been released, and you can get it on your Android device right now for zero dollars.


Last Updated: December 26th, 2014

Dolphin, one of Android’s most popular third-party browsers, continues refining its Lollipop experience after initially rolling out a compatible release a month ago. Now, with Flash support, Android 5.0 devices should have feature parity with KitKat and earlier systems. In addition to the Flash upgrade, Dolphin has a grab-bag of enhancements that apply to all 4.x users.

The most fun new doodads are some Christmas-oriented themes.

Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-52-05 Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-52-50 Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-53-48

Maybe not the most integral feature, but their themes are fairly well-done.

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