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Motorola Publishes A New HDTV Tuner App On The Play Store, But You Probably Can't Use It

Mobile TV seems like a natural and obvious thing. That's why Sony sold a gajillion of those little portable TVs in the eighties, and why streaming of movies and TV shows has exploded on mobile platforms. So why, then, has mobile television streaming only taken off in a few markets? It seems like adding "unlimited free video with no data charges" to your phone's spec sheet would be something that would appeal to everyone.

image (1) image (3) image (4)

Anyway. Motorola has a new mobile HDTV app available now, called... Mobile HDTV. It looks really similar to the other Motorola TV app, Mobile TV.

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Boxer Launches Their Own Calendar App With 'Send Availability' Feature Integration With Email Client

Boxer, the company behind the slick email client that now ships as the default provider on Cyanogen OS, has just announced and released a new calendar app. The aptly-named Boxer Calendar will offer some useful integration with Boxer Email and will also be pre-loaded with Cyanogen OS 12.1 along with premium features.


Boxer Calendar isn't exactly reinventing the wheel, but aiming to provide a visually attractive option that plays nicely with their email client. The key differentiating feature in that vein is the ability to quickly send your availability to meet, which only works with Boxer Email.

boxercal2 boxercal3

For those who do a lot of scheduling, this can potentially fill in a real gap.

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[Update: Now Visible For All, 2 New LGBT Emojis] WhatsApp Has A Hidden Middle Finger Emoji, Here's How To Give Everyone The Bird

It's flippin' ridiculous that you can't flip someone when they flippin' annoy you on WhatsApp, isn't it? You can fist-bump, high-five, wave, thumbs up, thumbs down, and even vulcan (Spock) salute, but you can't send one of the most (rudely) common and universal hand gestures ever... Or can you?

Well, somewhere among the deluge of updates that WhatsApp has gone through in its beta iterations over the past couple of days, a new emoji snuck in.

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Download WeatherPro App From The Play Store With Widget And Live Wallpaper For Only 10 Cents

You can ask Google to tell you what the weather is, but it's not going to give you much in the way of details. You'll get the current temperature, a little image depicting whether water is falling from the sky in some form, and a basic prediction of what will happen over the next few days. If you want more, you're going to have to start clicking on those search results.

Or you can download a dedicated app. WeatherPro is one of the better options out there, and it's currently marked down to a mere ten cents. That's a good discount on an app that usually sits at around three dollars.

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3DMark Update Brings Android TV Support, New Sling Shot Test For OpenGL ES 3.0+, And More

When you're looking to see just how capable your Android hardware is, Futuremark's 3DMark is one benchmarking app that will let you know real quick. Fire it up, see how smoothly you device can handle a beautifully rendered scene, and walk away with a better idea of where your phone or tablet sits in the global hierarchy of things.

Well, after the latest update, I should probably say set-top box as well. You can now run 3DMark on Android TV.


3DMark offers a new graphics benchmark video test intended for devices running Android 5.0 or later, and it supports OpenGL ES 3.0 and above.

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16 New And Notable (And 1 WTF) Android Apps From The Last 2 Weeks (7/14/15 - 7/27/15)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

Please wait for this page to load in full in order to see the widgets, which include ratings and pricing info.

Looking for the previous roundup editions? Find them here.

Featured App

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper

This week's roundup is brought to you by Weatherback Weather Wallpaper from Aceou. This interesting live wallpaper takes a static image (like Android's default wallpaper) and adds dynamic weather effects based on the weather at your actual location.

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Chrome Beta v45 Comes With Support For Media Playback System Notifications, Lots Of Under The Hood Changes

The latest release of Chrome Beta doesn't include many big, user-facing changes, but is instead mostly filled with incremental improvements to long-term development goals. The one goodie for end users that you may notice in normal use is the newly-added ability for websites to give you an Android notification with play and pause buttons to control audio.

For websites using up-to-date APIs, audio and video that is over 5 seconds long will result in a notification being displayed for easier control. I think of this somewhat similarly to the desktop version's indicator for noisy tabs.

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HowHigh Is Like Foursquare For Stoners, Complete With A "Buzzed" Badge And "Vouching" For Your Weed Buds

HowHigh are you? Oops. Hi, how are you? You'll have to forgive me, I'm a lil' buzzed right now, nothing illegal I swear, I have glaucoma and the doctor prescribed this herbal cure. Natural stuff he swore. But each time I take it, I get high-strung and paranoid, a pot. Lot. I said lot. This sounds so bong. DAMMIT, wrong. And sometimes it feels like I'm on a spinning wheel and... HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I say spinning weed? That's funny. Billion dollar idea. A board game with weed types and you take whatever the wheel lands on. Tag line: It lights up so you light up.

I need to write this shit down.

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New IFTTT Channel Adds Spotify Integration To Enhance How You Use Your Online Music Library

IFTTT's web service can automate your life. You create recipes that do what you want done using simple if this then that commands. But to get cooking, you need to have on the right channel.

Today IFTTT has announced a new Spotify channel that lets you integrate your music library. Examples of what you can do include automatically posting to your social network accounts whenever you add a song to a playlist and emailing yourself a summary of all the tracks you save over the course of a week.

If your home is particularly smart, you can set your Philips HUE lights to match the album art of your most recently saved track.

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Motorola's Native FM Radio App Updated With Material Design, Music Recording, Sleep Timer, And Usability Improvements

If you've got a Moto G or Moto E, your phone has an FM radio built right into the design. Motorola's official app for using the FM tuner isn't much to write home about, but it's become considerably better today. The updated app (version 02.00.0045, according to the Play Store) updates the player's user interface to a fresh Material Design theme, now with a fetching teal and white color scheme.

nexus2cee_unnamed7 nexus2cee_unnamed-26 nexus2cee_unnamed-112

Old above, new below. Hey, I love Lorem Ipsum FM!

image (11) image (13) image (14)

But wait, there's more! The app can now records sounds directly from the tuner, a great bit of extra functionality that makes me wish my fancy-pants flagship had a radio built-in.

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