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Friday App And Game Sales: DraStic DS Emulator, Mimpi (Free), Poweramp, And More

We like apps and games around here, but we like a good deal too. Combine the two, and it's like a glorious explosion of awesome in our phones. You want in on that, right? Read on.


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[New App] Loopr Beta Is A New Take On The SwipePad Formula With Live Previews And Icon Pack Support

There are a lot of apps like SwipePad, and no matter how many we cover, I keep coming back to the original. Loopr is the first app in a while that's tempted me away, thanks to both an impressive visual presentation and some thoughtful features. At its heart Loopr is a a quick app launcher/switcher with the usual side-swiping mechanism, this time launched as a semicircle of icons similar to Circle Launcher Widget.

You know how this goes: swipe your finger in from the left or right side of the screen, and your apps will pop up in an overlay.

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AOL Has Sold Winamp To Online Radio Aggregation Service Radionomy

The internet got all sad and nostalgic in November when AOL announced with little fanfare that Winamp was shutting down. The music player and streaming service had been whipping llamas for 15 years, and it seemed like a depressing and inauspicious end. AOL smartly held off on the shutdown when there appeared to be interest in buying Winamp, and that's just what happened. Winamp is being sold to Belgian online radio purveyor Radionomy.


The website still lists the December 20th shutdown date, but everything is still functioning normally. AOL hasn't made any official announcement about the sale, but users have noted the domains are already being transferred to Radionomy.

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File Sharing Apps Bump And Flock Are Now Dead Following Google Acquisition

Bump was and early innovator in the area of file and contact sharing on mobile devices. Interest has waned a bit in recent years, but then Google bought the company back in September. Work seemed to stop on Bump's apps shortly thereafter, and now we're getting the official word – Bump and Flock are no more. Both apps will stop working and be removed from Google Play (and the App Store) on January 31st, 2014.


Bump was one of the first apps that made it easy to send files between devices without typing things in. You could just have two phones (geographically) close together and bump them to send files over the internet.

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[New App] Rec. Uses Native Android 4.4 Screen Recording And Adds A Ton Of Additional Features (Root Only)

Android 4.4 finally added native screen recording, but it's only accessible via an ADB command on unrooted devices. There are a few apps that extend that functionality with root access, but Rec. might be the best of the bunch right now. This app includes bitrate adjustment, record times up to 1 hour, ending recordings manually, and more.

1 2 3

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SwipePad Gets Blacklist Option In Latest Update, Can Now Prevent Itself From Activating When Certain Apps Are Open

SwipePad is a gesture-based app switcher that lets users open a selection of apps without exiting the one they're in beforehand. The latest update isn't a large one, but it's bound to make using the launcher slightly less annoying. Now users have the option to select apps that should disable SwipePad's functionality while they are running. The recently updated version of Carbon, with its new slide-out view, is an example of one such app that could benefit from this option.

SwipePad1 SwipePad2

What's new:

  • Conditional Switches>Blacklist: choose apps in which you want SwipePad disabled
  • Improvements for Android 4.4

Keep in mind, SwipePad is not a home screen replacement.

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DraStic Nintendo DS Emulator Adds MOGA Controller Support, Wider Device And Game Support, And ART Compatibility

We featured the DraStic Nintendo DS emulator way back when it launched and came away impressed. Version 2.2 of the app is probably the biggest update yet, adding a host of forward-looking features that should improve both performance and overall gaming satisfaction. Android 4.4 users in particular will be happy to hear that DraStic now supports Android Runtime (ART).

2013-12-31 15.31.46

Those of you with a MOGA controller can now use it natively with DraStic, no root or workaround required. It will also work with the tablet-centric iCade controller, which is popular with emulators but not much else on Android. That should be a boon for button-heavy games, and you can always revert to the touch screen for titles that rely on the functionality.

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Carbon Twitter Client Updated To Version 2.0 With An All-New, All-Black Interface

Carbon is back, Twitter addicts, and it is indeed back in black. The 2.0 revision of the popular Twitter client is like the all-black Charger with tinted windows and zero badges - it's so nondescript that you just can't help but notice it. The updated app is live in the Play Store now, and the token issues that plagued the initial release seem to be absent, at least for the moment.

2013-12-31 14.10.48 2013-12-31 14.11.54 2013-12-31 14.11.34

There are some radical user-facing changes to the interface. The first thing you'll notice is the new all-black color scheme, but the biggest change is a new menu system which combines the "new post" function (the little "+" in the corner) with all of the other settings and editing functions, by way of your personal avatar.

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29 Best New Android Apps And Live Wallpapers From The Last 2 Weeks (12/18/13 - 12/30/13)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

Please wait for this page to load in full in order to see the widgets, which include ratings and pricing info.

Looking for the previous roundup editions? Find them here.

Featured App

Bills Reminder Lite

Today's roundup is presented by Bills Reminder from HandyApps. The intent and function of the app is simple: it reminds you to pay your bills on time, which is great if you like to use things like electricity and insurance.

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BootUnlocker Updated To v1.5.1, Adds Support For 2013 Nexus 7 And Tamper Flag Modification On Nexus 4 And Nexus 5

If you like to mod your Nexus devices but you're also a fan of tight security, you probably already know BootUnlocker. It's a simple app that allows rooted devices to lock and unlock the bootloader without wiping user data. The developer, segv11, is back with v1.5.1 of this handy little utility. The latest update adds support for the WiFi (flo) and LTE (deb) variants of the 2013 Nexus 7 and the ability to set the tamper flag on the Nexus 4 (mako) and Nexus 5 (hammerhead).


Prior to this update, BootUnlocker supported every Nexus device since the Galaxy Nexus with the notable exception of both generations of the Nexus 7.

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