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YouTube v11 Adds Watched Markers To The Subscription Stream And Tweaks A Few Colors [APK Download]

It's a new year and evidently that means time for the YouTube app to get a new major version number. Yes, it was exactly one year earlier that it jumped from v6 to v10, and yesterday it climbed to v11. So far, it looks like there's not much to commemorate the jump, but the changelog is not completely empty. The subscription feed finally shows markers for videos you've watched, and there are now a few subtle tweaks to the interface that shouldn't go unmentioned.

What's New

2016-01-17 11.32.032016-01-17 11.32.03-1

Left: old version. Right: new version.

There's a great little feature in YouTube that displays flags in the top-left corner of videos you've viewed.

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YouTube Updated To v10.10 With Option To Search For 4K Videos [APK Download]

A fresh update for YouTube began rolling out today, bumping the version number to 10.10. This appears to be a fairly minor release, as it only includes some visual tweaks and adds the new 4K video search filter. Still, it might appeal to anybody with a screen and hardware that supports super high-def video. There's a download link below if you're anxious to give it a try.

What's New

2015-03-18 21.34.092015-03-18 21.53.382015-03-18 22.01.40

Left: previous version. Center: new version. Right: 4k video.

4K search first appeared in a teardown of YouTube 10.8, just 3 weeks ago. Like any other video filter, it can be enabled after performing a keyword search, at which point there's an icon to the right of the search box that can be used to access the list of filters.

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[APK Download + Teardown] YouTube 10.08 Adds Stats For Nerds, Prepares To Add Music Track Cross-Fade, 4K And Spherical Search Filters, And More

The folks over at YouTube have had a busy week after launching YouTube For Kids, and then turning on video trimming a few days later. To keep the ball rolling, the YouTube team shipped a brand new update to its primary app last night that finally enables stats for nerds. After examining the apk in a teardown, it turns out that there's also a big improvement to the upcoming audio swapping feature, and it seems there may even be some new search filters on the way.

What's New

Stats For Nerds

The "big" new feature probably isn't going to get too many people excited, but Stats For Nerds is finally live.

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YouTube App Now Has Built-In Video Trimming And Inline Previews, Turns Long Home Videos Into Great Shareable Moments

Baby's first steps, carrying the cake out on grandma's birthday, receiving your diploma at the graduation ceremony. These are great moments you want to show off, but who wants to sit through 20 minutes of dad coaching his toddler to stand on two legs? Life happens in short bursts, but we start recording everything early, just so we don't miss the good stuff. YouTube has finally enabled video-trimming in the Android app so we can shave off that excess footage and turn those slow home movies into quick clips our friends will actually want to watch.

2015-02-27 13.45.442015-02-27 13.46.092015-02-27 13.46.47

Video trimming couldn't be more straight forward.

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Google Is Planning Offline YouTube Downloads In India 'In The Coming Weeks'

People have been searching for an easy way to download YouTube videos to Android since... well, probably since the original G1. And sometime in the very near future, Google is prepared to give it to them... if they live in India. Tucked into the promotional materials for Android One's launch was this tidbit about letting users download YouTube videos for watching online later. The idea is for users to download the videos on WiFi and save on data charges or access them when outside of mobile coverage. 


Exactly when YouTube will be available offline hasn't been disclosed. It's possible that the feature will roll out worldwide - Google tends to use the same apps across borders, after all.

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YouTube Android App Gets Updated To Version 2.2.14, Brings Title Editing, New Uploader, And Playlists

The official YouTube app just received an update that brings a few new features to the app, as well as the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Edit the title, description and privacy of your uploaded videos
  • New uploading UI integrated into the app
  • Create/Edit/Delete playlists on the go

The update is live in the device Market now, and should be hitting the Web Market shortly.

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