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Moscow-Based Smartphone Maker Yota Devices Reportedly Plans To Move To Canada In Part To Pick Up Former Blackberry Engineers

When a large tech company starts to fail, there's a real downside regardless of how we feel about its product. People lose their jobs. Often, thousands do. Many of these people then find themselves having to move to another state or country to continue working in their chosen field.

But there's an upside as well. A large layoff means there are plenty of qualified workers who are looking for work, and what better way is there for a company to acquire hot talent than to move to where the people are?

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[CES 2013] The Dual-Screen YotaPhone Is Probably The Coolest Idea At This Year's Otherwise Lame CES (Hands-On)

This year's CES sucks. But that doesn't mean there can't be a few genuinely cool things floating around out there in an otherwise dull ocean of 4K and touchscreens. Case in point: YotaPhone, which sadly isn't even on the CES show floor at all. We covered the announcement of the YotaPhone, but really, seeing and using it in person does the idea so much more justice.

On paper, it seems pretty straightforward: a phone with a screen on both sides.

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