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Yahoo Brings Messenger Into The Modern Era With Likes, Unsending, Animated GIFs, Mass Photo Sharing, And More

It's easy to laugh at Yahoo. Other tech brands like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have grown in prominence over the last ten years. But rather than improve, Yahoo has mostly just continued. It's still a giant presence. Millions of people use its services. It just doesn't grab headlines like the competition.

Well, Yahoo has now re-released one of its most widely known properties, Yahoo Messenger.

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For The Conversationalists - Today's Free Premium Amazon Appstore App Is Trillian (Normally $4.99) [4/16/11]

After a bunch of relatively uninteresting premium apps given out for free in Amazon's Android Appstore, today's offering is really quite refreshing. Users of the desktop version of Trillian will instantly recognize their beloved multi-network IM client's logo, and those new to it will find its features quite impressive:

  • support for AIM, Facebook, Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and, of course, Google Talk
  • Trillian synchronizes contacts, avatars, statuses, and accounts between Android, Mac, Windows, and Web clients
  • push notifications for those on Android 2.2+
  • multiple chat windows, emoticons, and more

While Trillian is no longer my client of choice on the desktop (Digsby took that spot), I must say that if you're looking for a great multi-network IM client on Android, it's hard to go wrong with this [normally $4.99] offering from Cerulean Studios.

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