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WordPress 4.9 Introduces An Updated Media Detail Screen, Fingerprint Unlocking, Multiple Image Uploading, And More

The WordPress Android app probably won't have you closing your laptop to go do most of your blogging from the backseat of a car, but it does a decent enough job, and the app looks pretty. The latest version of the app continues the march towards both replicating the desktop experience and integrating with Android's design language.

Version 4.9 spruced up the screen that tells you the size of your images and their file names. You can also upload multiple images and video clips at a time.

The changelog mentions unlocking the screen using your fingerprint, a feature that presumably only appears on devices with the necessary hardware.

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WordPress 4.4 Introduces A New Look When Viewing Page And Post Lists, Post Previews, Stats, And More

The WordPress developers have bumped the Android app up to version 4.4, introducing a number of visual tweaks in the process. Some of them are better for phones than they are for tablets. Whether they're an improvement is for you to judge.

For starters, the page and post list page has changed from two panels into a list of floating titles. You can see the headline, a few lines of text, and a featured image. Edit, Preview, Stats, and Trash options line the bottom.

This change results in less information displayed on tablets in landscape mode than we saw in previous versions.

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WordPress 4.1 Ditches The Traditional Side Navigation Menu For A Tabbed Action Bar

WordPress went material in version 3.5. Now in 4.1, the app has undergone what may be an even larger design change. Say goodbye to the navigation menu you're used to sliding out from the side of the screen. Now everything you need is tucked away inside four tabs spread along the action bar at the top.


The first tab, which also serves as the landing screen, provides just about everything you'd expect in the side menu. From here you can view your site and open posts. When you click the back button, it takes you back to this page.

The second tab shows posts from Freshly Pressed, WordPress's blog.

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WordPress Android App Gets The Material Design Treatment In Version 3.5

Folks editing their WordPress blogs from an Android device running Lollipop are in for a treat. The latest version of the app applies a fresh taste of material design. At the end of the day, the experience doesn't look fundamentally different, but you get a full hamburger menu, a floating action button, and a sidebar that slides out on top of everything else.

Screenshot_2015-01-07-14-21-42 Screenshot_2015-01-07-14-22-34

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WordPress 3.2 Update Hits Android App With A Number Of Enhancements

The WordPress Android app isn't the most feature-rich means of editing a blog, but it's arguably the quickest. The latest version of the software brings about a number of improvements that round out the experience. The list of a site's posts now refreshes automatically, but there's still the option to refresh manually either through the menu or by pulling down on the screen. This update also brings in the ability to infinitely swipe through posts. In addition to that, the QuickPress widget has been fixed, though you're not missing out on much if you haven't used it before. All it does is link to the app's new post page.

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WordPress App Updated To Version 3.0 With Swiping Between Posts, Auto-Updates, And More

The official WordPress app for Android got a significant bump to version 3.0 today. Users who host a free blog on will see the greatest benefit from the added features, but just about everyone will see something new, and the bug fixes don't hurt either. The app doesn't have much to show in the user interface department, though it's been pretty solid since the Holo redesign in any case.

unnamed (2) unnamed unnamed (1)

First of all, you should now be able to swipe left and right to advance or go back between individual posts in the "View site" option on the sidebar.

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WordPress Android App Version 2.7 Adds Pull To Refresh, Infinite Scroll, And Speed Improvements

Like most tech blogs, Android Police uses WordPress. And since the web interface still leaves a lot to be desired on phones and tablets, we rely on the WordPress app to make quick adjustments when we're out and about. The latest update to the official app isn't exactly revolutionary, but anyone who uses it on a regular basis will probably find a few things to like.

2014-04-03 15.42.29 2014-04-03 16.04.43 2014-04-03 16.05.16

First: the refresh button is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to its designer. Instead, users can now refresh the list of blog posts and drafts by dragging down on the list, a la Gmail and lots of other trendy apps.

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[New App] Simplenote Notation Service (From The Makers Of WordPress) Gets An Official Android App

There are more than a few note-taking apps on the Play Store, including established veteran Evernote and Google's own Keep. But Automattic, the company formed by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, thinks you'll be interested in at least one more. After a considerable period of iOS exclusivity, Simplenote is now available on the Google Play Store. It's free to download and use.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

Simplenote hits all the check marks for a new notation app: syncing across devices and the service website, a to do list as well as more general notes, searching through previous notes, and tags for a better filing system.

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WordPress App Updated To Version 2.4 With New Push Notification Options

The WordPress app on Android has had some growing pains, but the new update actually adds some cool stuff. If you're running a WordPress blog, the app will now make it easier to keep up with reader interactions. Assuming you have any.

1 2

6 (2) 7 8

WordPress has implemented Google's Cloud-to-device messaging service to push notifications of comments, likes, and other stats right to your device. That's the big improvement, but here's the full changelog:

  • View new comments, followers, likes, and stats highlights in the all new notifications feature!
  • Get push notifications to keep up with your site from wherever you are.
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WordPress App Updated With Holo UI, A Few New Features

WordPress is a clutch tool for most bloggers, as its easy-to-use, versatile interface provides essentially everything one needs to get content on the internet. For the longest time, however, the associated app hasn't been the greatest thing to use (read: it kinda sucked); today, however, it has been updated to v2.3 which brings a new Holo UI, along with a few new features.

1 2 3

What's in this version:

It's the big UI update!
* Action Bar added for easy access to common actions.
* Use the Menu Drawer to quickly navigate to other areas of the app. Just tap the arrow in the Action Bar or swipe to reveal the menu.

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