One of the reasons I love Android is because you can customize the heck out of your experience. Replacing the stock launcher with Launcher Pro is pretty much the first thing I do now when I get a new phone because of the innovations a hard-working, smart, and dedicated engineer (Fede) can bring to the table.

However, Launcher Pro is not too much different from the stock UI, outside of tweaks and other little but important things - same goes for ADW and other home replacements. Because of that, I get especially excited when I see some outside the box thinking (remember Mozilla's Seabird and the TAT's Horizon concepts, for example?)

The visionaries behind Slick UI are some of those outside the box thinkers that I am so fond of - they're thinking of a UI nobody's ever done before, and I'm very much interested in seeing this concept go to something real we can all install on our phones.

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