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[Deal Alert] Save $35 On The $100 BÖHM Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Canceling On Amazon

Headphone deals are all over the place on Amazon and various other retailers' sites this weekend. But most deals we've seen so far are about wired headphones, which aren't all that practical if you don't want to be tied down to your phone by wires. Bluetooth is better, but switching to wireless usually involves some loss of quality, limited battery life, and a hike in price. Not so much with this BÖHM set.

These headphones usually cost around the $100 mark, they connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or an included 3.5mm cable. They have some playback control buttons, rotating ear cups, and what seems to be a nice leather headband.

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[Deal Alert] Sony's Excellent Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset (MDRXB950BT) On Sale For $98 On Amazon

I have a bit of a tech addiction, and as such I have a lot of different gadgets floating around my house. Some of the purchases I have made, I will readily admit, were mistakes, and sit around gathering dust unused. There are, however, a few items I've bought that I use so often that when I leave the house without them I feel somewhat exposed. Like that feeling you get when you realize that you forgot your wallet or phone at home.

My Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset falls into that category for me. I listen to them on my way to work, on my breaks, and on my way home, as well as around the house while I work on projects.

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Beats Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones Review: Big Sound, Big Style, Even Bigger Price

In the world of premium headphones, there is an emerging market for "designer" products - a niche Beats By Dre has been all too happy to fill in cooperation with Monster Cable (until now - HTC will be taking over Beats' headphone production). In fact, Beats accounts for over half of the $1 billion headphone market in the US - succeeding in ways and in markets brands like Sennheiser and Grado could only dream of. My high school-going younger brother even has a pair of these flashy phones - and he really doesn't listen to much music.


In fact, Beats By Dre headphones are the cool electronic piece of high-fashion among people in the teenage group, thanks in large part to their flashy, designer look.

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