There's no doubt that white phones are (generally) sexy. We know this, and it seems that manufacturers are starting to catch on as well. HTC has a few white phones available, and Samsung has already pushed out a couple of white variations of the GSII on T-Mobile and AT&T. Looks like Sprint's GSII, the Epic 4G Touch, is now getting the snow-capped makeover that we heard about a few weeks ago, and will be available on January 8th for $200 with a two-year agreement.

SPH-d710_GalaxySII_wht_frnt SPH-d710_GalaxySII_wht_vback

The E4GT isn't the only Sammy device getting a makeover, either. Word on the street is that an all-white Galaxy Nexus is coming to the UK at the end of February, though we have yet to see any pictures of this potentially beautiful device.

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