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Hand-Drawn Adventure Game 'Whispering Willows' Comes To Android With A 50% Off Launch Price Until September 9th

Whispering Willows is the kind of game we'd like to see more of on any platform. The art style alone shows how much care and attention the designers approached the game with. That it happens to be fun is almost a perk.

The hand-drawn experience centers on Elena, a girl who can project her spirit outside of her body. Controlling her astral projection to solve puzzles forms the crux of the gameplay.

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Ouya Create Contest Winners Announced: Laser-Breathing Dinosaurs, 8-Bit Zombies, And Sharing Controllers

Last week, we took a look at the nominees for Ouya's 10-day developer competition, Create. Today, we have the winners! These game devs will receive some undisclosed amount of money (out of a pot of $45,000) and almost certainly end up on the launch version of the Ouya console. So, what are they? Well, let's break them down by category.

"Pop Your Eyes Out" Award: Pipnis

We covered this one in our roundup last week, though we're at a loss to explain how it didn't win the "Best Couch with Friends" Award. This is the game that requires two players to share a single controller.

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