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Alleged OnePlus 3 Pictures Appear On Twitter, Front And Rear Of Device Shown Off

Third time lucky? The OnePlus 3 is right around the corner and as if on cue, leaked images of the phone have appeared on Twitter, courtesy of @krispitech (although they appeared on the Chinese social network 'Weibo' first). It unfortunately has a case disguising the looks of the phone, but there's still a fair bit on show. Most noticeable is a hardware home button, probably hiding a fingerprint sensor, similar to those on the original OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2, although this button looks chunkier.

Ch88OcbU4AAGYrV Ch88ObfUUAI5rPI Ch88Ob7UkAAqTQj

The device looks reasonably large - it's quite possible that OnePlus has kept the same screen size and resolution - 1080p - from their previous two flagships for the third time running.

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Alleged Photos Of Droid 5 Bubble Up From Weibo Showing Wireless Charging Coil

According to the aptly-named New Cell Phones Blog, photos of the "4.3-inch or 4.5-inch" Droid 5 have surfaced, which would confirm that Moto has another QWERTY slide-out keyboard in the works. The photos come to New Cell Phones courtesy of Weibo and show off a wireless charging coil. Other rumored features evidently include NFC and a resistance to both water and dust.

Motorola-DROID-5-001 Motorola-DROID-5-verizon

Nothing else is known about these photos, their veracity, or Motorola's plans for a Droid 5, but we'll certainly keep you updated when and if more details emerge.

Source: Weibo (1, 2) via New Cell Phones

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Weibo User Reveals Questionable Press Shot Of HTC's Unannounced 5" Phone [Update: Shot Is Confirmed Unofficial]

Remember HTC's 5" mystery device we caught a glimpse of last month? Well, according to Engadget, a user of China's popular social network Weibo earlier revealed what may (or may not) be an official press shot of the device – a shot which also reveals the device's potential name – the HTC One X 5 (named, obviously, for its ample display size).

Engadget has "reason to believe [this] is an authentic press image of the finished result," but we're always skeptical of leaked press shots, and after putting the image under a magnifying glass, we're not so sure. Without further ado, here's the image in question:


Comparing this image to the blurry cam photos we saw before, the shot looks pretty accurate.

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