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Google Play Books Hits Version 3.4.5 With New Translation Interface, A New Font, And Hints Of Google Drive Sync For Notes [APK Download]

Besides a dogfood version of Play Games, update Wednesday brought us a new version of Play Books - 3.4.5. The changes in this update aren't major (or even immediately apparent), but they are worth taking a quick look at.

First up, there's a brand new translation interface. Rather than a toolbar and sheet overlay, the new translate interface lives on a card, just like the existing notes and dictionary interfaces. Here's a quick before and after.

a Screenshot_2015-05-06-21-02-39

Left: Play Books 3.3 Right: Play Books 3.4

Next up, new changes to notes. The ability to take notes in a book was present in 3.3, but users could not do that in a free sample of a book.

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Google Keep Gets Update To Version 3.0 With New Material Touches [APK Download]

Cross one more item off your list of Google apps in need of material facelifts! Next on this bountiful Update Wednesday, Google Keep is receiving a bump to version 3.0 with some new material-inspired touches, the most obvious one being its launcher icon. Instead of a realistic stack of sticky notes, we now have a single dog-eared sheet of paper with a lightbulb cutout sitting on top.

Once you're inside the app, there's plenty to look at. There's a new search interface that (like Keep's web update) allows users to search by type of note (list, voice, image, or reminder), or by color.

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Notion Ink Adam Approved By FCC, Finally Begins Shipping This Wednesday

It's been a long, hard road, but the Notion Ink Adam has finally been approved by the FCC and is going to start shipping "around Wednesday" to those who pre-ordered.

Although the product isn't yet available in the FCC's database, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan has let us all in on the good news via the NI blog. He claims that the tablet's product code will be NI3421A01, where "NI" stands for "Notion Ink," "A01" means "Adam 1 Series," and "3421" is a string of consecutive digits in the Fibonacci series.

Rohan also informs us that pre-orders will commence within a few days (initially, pre-orders sold out shortly after they begun).

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