The Android Web Market just received a minor, but useful update in regards to app reviews. Now, when a review is posted, the version of the application being used and the device the app is installed on appears right above the text. In addition, any review can now be linked to individually, and when the link is followed, you'll be brought to the app's market page with the review in question front and center.

google squashes bug

Google has responded to the alarm raised by an Android security expert of a bug related to the Android Market that could have caused a lot of trouble. The security hole was related to the recent implementation of the Android Web Market, and would have given hackers the ability to install malicious software fairly easily.

Co-founder and chief technology officer at Duo Security Jon Oberheide discovered the flaw last month and notified Google, who fixed it within "the last week or so." Users would have merely had to click on a malicious link on either their phones or on their desktops to activate the unwanted installation of rogue software.

2011-02-06 15h02_00

As the results of our Friday poll show, quite a few of you aren't convinced by Google's official Android Market Web Store; it looks like a lot of people are sticking with good old AppBrain. Well you AppBrain fans will be happy to hear that one of the site's best features - Fast Web Installer - has finally returned after being disabled back in November of 2010.

To utilize it, you'll need to download the latest versions of the AppBrain app and Fast Web Installer to your phone.

Last Updated: April 14th, 2011

Google's web-based Android Market announcement earlier this week was by all means no surprise to anyone - we've been waiting for it to arrive ever since its announcement at last year's Google I/O. In the meantime, alternative web-based markets, such as AppBrain.com, have skyrocketed in popularity because they allowed Android users to browse apps and games from their computers rather than being confined to their small phone screens. Even more importantly, alternative web markets had full control over app presentation, which allowed them to develop their own app discovery mechanisms.