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Nexus Protect Is Now Available To 5X And 6P Buyers In Canada

With this year's batch of Nexus devices, Google has upped its warranty game. In addition to the manufacturer's twelve months of coverage, Google offers an additional year for folks who pay for Nexus Protect.

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[Update: $79 Deductible] Google Announces 'Nexus Protect' Premium Warranty, $69 For Nexus 5X And $89 For Nexus 6P

We heard hints about something called Nexus Protect before the announcement today, but its exact nature wasn't clear. Now we know. It's an enhanced warranty you can purchase with Nexus devices in the Google Store. It's launching today with the Nexus 5X and 6P.

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Motorola Says That Unlocking The Bootloader On The Moto X Pure Edition Will Void Your Warranty

Looking to apply some root modifications or custom ROMs to that sweet Moto X Pure Edition (AKA the Moto X Style outside the US) you just got from Moto Maker? You might want to think twice. According to an employee post on the official Motorola support forum, the Moto X Pure Edition is not considered a developer device (like the Developer Edition versions of previous Moto X and DROID phones), so fiddling around with aftermarket software means you're on your own when it comes to support.

The new (2015) Moto X Pure is not a developer edition, so unlocking the bootloader does void the warranty.

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References To 'Nexus Protect' Appear On Hardware Listings In The Google Store

Over the last few days references to something called "Nexus Protect" have appeared in listings on the Google Store. Don't bother looking for it in the tiny type at the bottom of the page - it isn't actually visible unless you dig into the page source. If you do, you'll find the following phrase (which appears to be integrated as a toast-style pop-up text):

You can’t add this phone unless it has the same Nexus Protect choice as other phones in your cart. You can update your choice or purchase this phone in your next order.

We've modified the page a bit to enable the pop-up for the illustration above.

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Samsung 'Protection Plus Mobile Elite' Device Replacement Plan Now Available Starting At $99.99 Plus Service Fees

For some of us, breaking a smartphone is unimaginable. For others, it's only a matter of time. Either way, it could pay to have your ducks in a row. Samsung has introduced a new device replacement plan, and since no less than 107% of the world's phones were made by the manufacturer, a good number of people could benefit from this. But it won't come cheap.

Screenshot 2014-10-09 at 12.41.12 PM

Samsung's "Protection Plus Mobile Elite" plan costs $99.99 and provides coverage for two years. This price doesn't mean you get a replacement device as soon as yours breaks. Instead, you will have to pay a service fee each time you issue a claim.

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Google May Replace Your Broken Nexus 5 For Free Under A New 'Unofficial' Warranty Policy

Over the last day or so we've been seeing reports that Google is now replacing broken Nexus 5 units under its Google Play warranty program, even if those specific phones were damaged by an accidental fall or water damage. That's a pretty significant shift from the usual warranty coverage on the Play Store and elsewhere, which tends to cover a replacement or repair only if the unit is defective or malfunctioning.


Photo credit: Joshua D.

The story originally broke via Google+ user Joshua D., whose account of his free replacement has amassed more than 200 shares and more than 300 comments on the Android subreddit at the time of writing.

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PSA: Motorola Offers A Free One-Time Replacement For Your Custom Moto X's Cracked Screen

Customized Moto X phones are already a good deal, considering that the standard models are the same price as their retail counterparts, or just a bit more if you want one of those swanky wood backs. But there may be a more practical reason for you to use the Moto Maker service: a bit of free insurance. A Reddit user recently broke the screen on his(?) Verizon Moto X, and after letting Motorola support know, he got a code for a free replacement phone on Moto Maker.

We reached out to Motorola for confirmation of this policy. The representative confirmed: "yes, we do offer a one-time free repair or replacement for broken displays on Moto X's." Motorola's support page doesn't explicitly state that they'll replace a customized Moto X with a broken screen, which normally falls under "physical damage" not covered by hardware warranties, but it does mention the replacement phones.

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New HTC Advantage Offers One, Mini, And Max Owners A Free Cracked Screen Replacement, Two Years Of Updates, And Up To 50GB Of Google Drive

HTC hasn't built up the best reputation when it comes to supporting its devices, but the company is working to change that. So far it has issued updates to the HTC One relatively quickly, getting KitKat out before Samsung. A few days ago, HTC took to Reddit to announce a new two year commitment to support new North American flagships with Android updates for two years. Now the company has made this promise official, enshrining it as part of its new HTC Advantage.


This offer kicks in whenever a customer picks up a new HTC One, HTC One mini, or HTC One max.

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[Deal Alert] Nexus S Available For $299.99 From Mobile Daily Steals With International Warranty

For those unable to wait on the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung's Nexus S can still hold up against the competition in many ways. It may only pack a single-core processor, but it's a Nexus phone, meaning it is still one of Google's flagship Android devices, and will have active development and timely updates for a while yet. If you've been patiently waiting for your shot at a bargain on the Nexus S, now's your chance - Mobile Daily Steals is offering this beauty (unlocked) for just $299.99 with an international warranty, about $60 lower than Amazon's lowest price (without warranty).


For those who may be out of the loop, here are some of the Nexus S's specs:

  • 4" 480x800 Super AMOLED display
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 512 RAM
  • 16GB on-board storage
  • 5MP rear camera,  and a VGA front-shooter
  • Stock Android 2.3.5

It may not pack the latest-and-greatest technology under the hood, but as far as unlocked Android phones that pack a nice punch, the Nexus S is a great option, and it can be yours for just $299.99, if you act in the next 22 hours.

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PSA: Verizon's Warranty Exchange Policy Is About To Get A Lot More Strict Starting Tomorrow

It appears Verizon has altered the terms of its "Certified Like New Program" ("CLNP") (pray they don't alter them further) to be a lot more demanding regarding the condition of exchanged devices.

Namely, if you send in your destroyed DROID, don't expect to get a shiny new replacement without a serious penalty - all phones sent in on warranty exchange must now meet the following requirements:

CLNR Cosmetics Standards

CLNR Cosmetic Standard Summary:

  • No blemishes are permitted on front surfaces such as the touch screen, keyboard
  • No more than two flaws, which must be less than 5mm in length, are permitted on other surfaces
  • No flaws or defects on lens
  • No dust, dirt, or fibers under lens
  • Ports must be free of foreign material and corrosion, be in operating condition, and have the plugs in place if applicable

This means even if your Android device suffers from a warrantied defect and fails, you may be out of luck trying to get it exchanged if you haven't kept it in tip-top condition.

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