Last Updated: December 12th, 2014


Update: India isn't the only country invited to the party. In a blog post, Google has announced that offline viewing is now available in Indonesia and the Philippines as well.


While hyping up the Android One initiative a couple months ago, Google revealed that it would bring the ability to save YouTube clips for offline viewing to India. The feature is now going live. Users throughout the country are noticing the option to save clips for later use.


When Comedy Central launched an official Android app a couple of months ago, people called for Chromecast support. Today, it's here, and it's not alone. TuneIn Radio has been around long before Google's little dongle, but its support is only now trickling in. These apps are just two in a wave of apps that have just learned how to play nicely with Chromecast.


It's Nexus day. The Nexus 6 and 9 are real, and we have the details. Nexus Player is Google's new Android TV box. Lollipop is the new version of Android. With so much stuff to take in all at once, we figured it a good idea to collect all the videos from today and post them in one, easy-to-find place. This post is that place. Have fun.


During its Double Exposure event yesterday, HTC announced that it was bringing Zoe out of beta and expanding it to all Android devices running Android 4.3 or higher. It also intends to bring the service to the iPhone later this fall. The company clearly has large plans for something that began as a camera perk exclusively available on a small number of its devices. Zoe has become a social network, and HTC wants as many people to use it as possible.

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People have been searching for an easy way to download YouTube videos to Android since... well, probably since the original G1. And sometime in the very near future, Google is prepared to give it to them... if they live in India. Tucked into the promotional materials for Android One's launch was this tidbit about letting users download YouTube videos for watching online later. The idea is for users to download the videos on WiFi and save on data charges or access them when outside of mobile coverage. 


Exactly when YouTube will be available offline hasn't been disclosed.

2014-09-05 00_28_25-Choose Moto 360 - YouTube

Motorola is taking to YouTube with demo videos of its new device before updating the website. If you fancy a closer look at the Moto 360, we've got the official video right here. Spoiler: it looks sweet.

2014-09-05 00_06_00-mx.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer

It looks like Motorola decided to keep it simple when naming this year's flagship phone. The video below is the first official public appearance of the new Moto X. Not the X+1, not the X2—just the Moto X. Motorola's website is still updating, but the new devices are starting to roll out.


Google likes to have a laugh from time to time, even though sometimes the jokes are too geeky for non-programmers to grasp. Still, the teapot error page is fun even if you don't get the reference. Go to google.com/teapot and feel free to pour it out. It works best on a phone or tablet.

Last Updated: August 15th, 2014

HTC has just updated the Zoe app in Google Play with support for a few non-HTC phones, but support will supposedly expand soon. The Zoe app isn't the same as HTC's Zoe camera feature in the HTC One, but it might still be interesting if you're down with making and sharing videos.

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Google I/O was pretty amazing this year, right? We got the deets on Material design, a preview version of Android L, the formal release of Android Wear, the first manifestations of Android TV and Android Auto, and plenty of other bits and pieces. However, all of that content and all of those developer sessions can take forever to absorb, and professional developers just don't have time for that. Now that all of the videos have been posted, I've combed through every last one to narrow the list down to just the sessions that absolutely can't be missed.

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