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VAIO Announces Its First Android Phone, The Creatively Named 'VAIO Phone'

VAIO used to be a brand within Sony's electronics empire, but it was sold off last year. Now the new VAIO is going up against its former parent company in the smartphone space. The VAIO Phone is now official and is coming to Japanese carrier b-mobile on March 20th. North America? Probably not.


What We Use: The Apps, Tools, Devices, And Other Stuff Liam Can't Do Without

With another week comes another entry in our new "What We Use" series. This time it's my turn. I may not have an eternal turtle or a crazy-sophisticated head razor, but the fourth time's a charm, right? Here's a rundown of the hardware, software, and miscellaneous whatnots that help me do what I do.

The Hardware

My Laptop

Unlike my colleagues, I rely primarily on my laptop. Having found myself either in class or overseas during the past four years, re-upping my old desktop build was neither cost-effective nor practical, so I opted for a beefy laptop solution.

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