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Wearable Intelligence Makes Custom Google Glass Firmware For Healthcare, Energy Professionals

Throughout Glass' gradual expansion to more and more Explorers, there's been a lot of talk about using the device professionally in demanding environments, particularly healthcare (and firefighting). Wearable Intelligence is a company looking to tackle the former, along with energy industries, by building firmware for Glass that replaces its usual Android installation with one customized to fit the needs of those industries.

Wearable Intelligence says its healthcare solution is HIPAA compliant, and from their promotional video, it looks undoubtedly impressive.

WI's solution is currently being tested by Beth Israel where Dr. Steve Hong says it has already saved at least one life, giving him the ability to view allergy information for a patient suffering massive brain bleeding without using his hands or even looking away from the patient.

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Google Shows Us 'The Basics' Of Using Glass In New Video

Google's official Glass YouTube channel released its first video today – a minute long introduction to Glass' most basic controls. The video is titled Glass How-to: Getting Started, which leads this writer to believe there may be more How-to's in the works.

Impressively well-produced and perfectly simple, the video discusses Glass' gestures – tapping, swiping forward, backward, and down, and gives a very digestible explanation of the device's time-based card interface. The video shows off a few possible Glass cards, but nothing we've not seen before – Google Now notifications for a flight and nearby places, a message, the clock home screen, and calendar items are all represented.

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What We Use: The Apps, Tools, Devices, And Other Stuff Liam Can't Do Without

With another week comes another entry in our new "What We Use" series. This time it's my turn. I may not have an eternal turtle or a crazy-sophisticated head razor, but the fourth time's a charm, right? Here's a rundown of the hardware, software, and miscellaneous whatnots that help me do what I do.

The Hardware

My Laptop

Unlike my colleagues, I rely primarily on my laptop. Having found myself either in class or overseas during the past four years, re-upping my old desktop build was neither cost-effective nor practical, so I opted for a beefy laptop solution. Currently I'm running a Sony Vaio S with 8GB RAM, an Intel i5-2439M at 2.4GHz, and a 15.5" 1920x1080 screen.

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The Real Reason To Use The 8pen Keyboard [Comic]

Does everyone remember the new keyboard called 8pen that arrived earlier this month and took the Android community by storm, both negatively and positively? I don't think I've ever witnessed so many widely different opinions about whether a keyboard is completely useless or a work of a genius until 8pen came out. Brian, for example, loves it, and I absolutely despise it.

There is one reason to install and use this rotary keyboard, however, and it is a good one. Even better, it comes in the best kind of comics - the fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu kind.


Full credit goes to soco_and_lime over at reddit.

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