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Skype 5.2 Now Lets You Share Photos With Someone Whether They Are Online Or Off

There's roughly a quarter million ways to send someone a photo online, give or take a couple dozen, but sometimes the easiest method is to fall back on the chat client the two of you communicate through. Skype already lets you send photos (it should, right? considering it got famous handling video), but before now the mobile app required the recipient to be online. With version 5.2, that restriction is gone. Now if you want to insert a quick photo while your contact is nowhere to be found, you can.

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Sprint's HTC One M8 Lollipop Update Has Apparently Been Pushed Up From February 13th To Today

Yesterday we got our hands on a leaked Sprint document suggesting that the HTC One M8 would get its Android 5.0 update on February 13th. Next to it in parenthesis were the words subject to change. As it turns out, sometimes things actually do change. The carrier has posted an HTC One M8 support page that says the over-the-air update is going out today.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.17.05 AM

The software bumps things up to software version 4.20.651.10 and provides a sweet serving of Lollipop.

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Swype Version 1.8 Introduces Three New Themes, A Floating Keyboard For Tablets, Several New Languages, And More

Swype, the keyboard that made gesture-based typing famous, is still alive and kicking. The company has just crammed enough new features into its Android app to bump things up to version 1.8.

What's on the changelog? Cool stuff, that's what. Stuff like new Lollipop-friendly themes that even stock Android lovers will be able to install without holding their nose. There's a dark one, a light one, and a third theme called Bumblebee because why not?

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Wear Mini Launcher 3.0 Comes With A Material Design-Inspired Companion App And A Couple Drawer Tweaks

Google may not want managing apps to be a primary part of the Android Wear experience, but that doesn't mean all users must agree. Wear Mini Launcher shrinks a traditional app drawer onto that tiny display, where you can access your petite apps with just a swipe.

Today version 3 has hit Google Play, and while it does a number of things to streamline the watch experience, the big item on the changelog deals with the companion app.

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The Next Android Revision Is Indeed 'Android 5.1 Lollipop', Shipping On Android One Phones, Coming To Nexus Devices

A few hours ago, we spotted no less than five mentions of "Android 5.1" on Google's Indonesian Android One page. Considering that 5.1 is quite a jump from 5.0.2, and something like 5.0.3 seemed more likely as the next bug fixer, we were cautious to suggest it may have been a mistake or a very persistent typo.

But as it turns out, Android 5.1 is real, and it's indeed shipping on Android One phones in Indonesia.

Here, take a look:

wm_android 5.1 lollipop

wm_2015-02-04 wm_2015-02-04 (1)

wm_2 wm_2015-02-04 (2)

wm_2015-02-04 (4) wm_2015-02-04 (5) wm_2015-02-04 (7)

wm_2015-02-04 (6) wm_2015-02-04 (8)

As it's still very early, we don't yet have a changelog for this update, but it should arrive soon enough.

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Microsoft Updates Yammer App With Android Wear Support And Improved Notifications

Yammer is a social network for people in suits, a way for corporate employees to learn about their colleagues and communicate without all the distractions that come with relying on a platform that's connected to the entire world. Microsoft bought the service in 2012, but apps remain available for iOS and Android. In the latest round of updates, the latter version is getting Android Wear support.


Out of the box, Android Wear could already display any notifications that Yammer shot out. This new integration adds the ability to like messages and reply using speech.

The notification experience has improved on the host device as well.

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SwiftKey Keyboard Learns Chinese, Khmer, And Lao In Version 5.2

The newest version of SwiftKey opens the third-party keyboard up to millions upon millions of people. How? By officially bringing Chinese language support out of beta. There are seven new input methods total, with ways to type in Simplified, Taiwan Traditional, and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese.


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HTC One M8 Android Lollipop Update Now Rolling Out To Devices In Europe

HTC One M8 owners in Europe are getting a lollipop-flavored treat. That's right, Android 5.0 is now hitting devices across the pond. We have multiple layers of confirmation on this one. For starters, HTC senior communications manager Jeff Gordon had this to say earlier today:

Respected ROM developer LlabTooFer followed up later with more specific information. The update version number is 4.16.401.10, and it comes in at 780MB.

Then someone who received the update tweeted out an image that confirms the version number and file size mentioned above.

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Runtastic Running And Fitness App Gets The Material Design Treatment In Version 5.4

I'm not much of a runner, but I've occasionally made use of the Runtastic Running and Fitness app to keep track of my time and distance while jogging around the neighborhood. Given that it's the middle of winter in the US, I won't be firing up the app anytime soon. But the more dedicated among you may be happy to know that the latest update (version 5.4) has made the few visual adjustments needed to better fit in on Lollipop devices.

Runtastic1 Runtastic2 Runtastic3

Runtastic4 Runtastic5 Runtastic6

The Material Design overhaul is the big highlight here. With a floating hamburger menu button, a sidebar that slides on top of the action bar, and a colored notification bar, the experience will look spiffy on devices running stock Android 5.0.

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[Let's Try This Again] AT&T Pushes Out HTC One M8 Android 4.4.4 Update, Includes Eye Experience And VoLTE

Update: Here's a screenshot, courtesy of an Android Police reader.


As it turns out, the Android 4.4.4 update for the AT&T HTC One M8 that we covered over a week ago never actually rolled out to devices. The company pulled its page down, which suggests that it went up sooner than anticipated. HTC Vice President of Product Management Mo Versi took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that the OTA was actually due out this week, and that it would include both VoLTE support and the HTC Eye Experience software enhancements.

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