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Latest SwiftKey Beta Introduces A Simplified Installer, Because Sometimes What Works Can Still Use Fixing

SwiftKey's changing again, but don't expect anything drastic this time around. The team has altered the keyboard installation process to make it easier to follow. The new one has fewer steps, reducing how much the user is presented with out of the gate.

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Showtime Anytime Update Adds Support For Time Warner Cable And Bright House Networks

Showtime Anytime is how people with an appropriate cable subscription can peruse the channel's content on their phone or tablet. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on just any internet connection. Your provider has to make the list, and starting today a couple more have joined the ranks. Now people who rely on Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks to get online can take advantage of Showtime's Android app.

Showtime1 Showtime2


In addition to support for new ISPs, the new update also lets users remain signed in for longer. This should stop you from having to log in every 24 hours.

What's new:

  • Support for Time Warner Cable
  • Support for Bright House Networks
  • Support for longer sessions—no need to log in every 24 hours!
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Verizon Kyocera Hydro Elite Receives First OTA Update To Software Version 2.006VZ

The Kyocera Hydro Elite may not be a top-of-the-line device, but it comes with something most phones don't - water resistance. It also packs 4.3-inch display and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, making it an admirable midrange handset. Now Verizon is distributing the first OTA for the phone, and while the Android version number remains the same, this update impacts many areas of the device.


The touch screen's sensitivity has been adjusted, including the virtual keyboard, and the call screen now stays lit for over 15 seconds when active. Using the power button to instantly lock the device should now work as intended, and issues surrounding the 4G LTE and Wi-Fi icons have been fixed.

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Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition KitKat Update Rolling Out 'Starting Today'

In a post to the Android Google+ account this evening, Google officially announced the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition would be joining the HTC One Google Play Edition in the realm of timely updates, with KitKat upgrades rolling out "starting today."

Starting today, Samsung GS4 and HTC One Google Play edition devices are getting an update to Android 4.4! Learn more about Android 4.4, KitKat:

We already saw the start of the HTC One GPE's KitKat rollout earlier today, and Samsung posted its own open source kernel files for the update before that.

If you're the owner of a Google Play Edition Galaxy S4, it's time to start hitting your "check now" button.

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SwiftKey Revives Left-Handed Number Pad Option, Addresses Several Other Bugs With Update To Version 4.3.1

SwiftKey introduced several new keyboard layout options earlier this month, including the ability to split keyboards and move them around, empowering users to position the keyboard precisely where its most accessible. Unfortunately, some features were lost in transition. Today's update does its part to address these drawbacks. Now left-handed users, or people who just prefer having the option, can again move the number pad to the left side of the keyboard.

To access this option, just hold down the "123" key and select Themes.


This update also brings back a number of other lost features, such as the missing dollar sign for people not in the US and the keyboard's traditional spacebar sound effect.

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Android 4.4 OTA Now Rolling Out To The Google Play Edition HTC One

Earlier today we shared the kernel source and framework files for the Google Play edition HTC One that have been posted on HTCdev, a sign that an OTA possibly wouldn't be far off. As it turns out, it wasn't. An update is now rolling out to device owners. Here's the proof, courtesy of a user on XDA Developers.

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AT&T Announces Android 4.4 OTA For The Moto X, Update Already Hitting Devices

Following close behind the arrival of KitKat for the Moto X on both Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T has now announced that it, too, is pushing out an OTA. Between Verizon's version of the handset getting the update before anyone else and the Moto X getting Android 4.4 pushed out before the Nexus 4 and both Google Play Edition devices, there is a lot to be surprised about here. Surprised, and impressed.

The update is being distributed as part of version number 140.44.5.en.US.


The changelog for AT&T's version of the Moto X is the same as the others. Since Motorola hasn't added much on top of Android, the changes listed are mostly those that come as a part of Android 4.4.

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Facebook 4.0 Test Build Reveals Drastically Revamped Design [APK Download]

We've received an early look at an upcoming version of Facebook that introduces a brand new, flat UI. This is a change that competing social networks like Twitter and Pinterest made a long time ago, and given the direction Android, iOS, and Windows Phone have all moved in, it only makes sense. When considering Facebook Messenger's recent redesign, it's even less surprising. Yet this is pre-release software, so there's a decent chance none of these changes will make it into the stable version. Nevertheless, it's still worth taking a look. Let's dive in.

What's New?

Things have moved around quite a bit in this new version.

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US Cellular Rolls Out Android 4.3 To The Galaxy S III Via OTA Update To Version R530UVXUBMJA

Not to be left behind by the larger carriers, US Cellular is also distributing the Android 4.3 update to the Galaxy S IIIs running on its network. In addition to the goodies that come with the latest version of Jelly Bean, this release gives Samsung's 2012 flagship the ability to pair with Galaxy Gear smartwatches, a privilege that until recently was exclusively provided to the Galaxy Note 3.


Galaxy S III users who do not own a Galaxy Gear may be more interested in the new Samsung KNOX compatibility or the improved pre-installed apps. The version number rolling out to devices is R530UVXUBMJA.

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Here Are The Manual Update Links For The Last Nexus Devices To Get KitKat OTAs - 2013 Nexus 7 LTE And 2012 Nexus 7 3G (Android 4.4 KRT16S)

Hooray! Shortly after the Nexus 4 OTA zip link was finally discovered, we can now say the same about both data-connected Nexus 7s - the 2012 3G edition and the 2013 LTE. These are the last devices we didn't have manual update links for, so now it's safe to say that the KitKat Nexus rollout has been fully completed.

As to not repeat the same flashing instructions, I'm going to direct the 2012 3G owners to this post and 2013 LTE owners to this one. Just download the correct files below, and you should be good to go.


2012 Nexus 7 3G:

2013 Nexus 7 LTE:

And for completeness, here are the updated N7 Wi-Fi links.

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