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Nuance Announces Dragon Anywhere, Professional Voice Dictation For Mobile Devices Coming This Fall

Typing on a mobile device sucks. Various third-party keyboards have come up with various ways to get around this issue. With Dragon Anywhere, developer Nuance is bringing an entirely different approach to Android. You will simply dictate using your voice, and with any luck, it will actually work as expected.

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Pre-Order 'This War Of Mine' For Android And Get PC Version Instantly, Plus 15% Goes To Charity

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes things just happen. This unpredictability and grim reality forms the premise behind This War of Mine, a PC game from developer 11 Bit Studios that is on its way to Android.


This War of Mine grapples with the struggles of surviving in a city that's held under siege. You don't pick up firearms and shoot your way out the way most video games would have you confront the issue. You must find food and shelter while staying safe and maintaining the will to continue.

This change of focus results in a strategy game that presents you with truly difficult choices.

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Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead: Michonne, Its Next Adventure Game Mini-Series Coming This Fall

Unveiled this morning at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, The Walking Dead: Michonne will soon be the latest mini-series from Telltale Games.

Just in case the name doesn't give it away, this set of titles will center around Michonne, a character from the The Walking Dead comic book. The timeline stems from issues #126 through #139.


Anyone familiar with Telltale will know how the tale is told. These licensed adventure games tend to get broken up into series and episodes. Game of Thrones, for example, is four releases into a six-episode arc. Telltale plans to trace the plot of The Walking Dead: Michonne over the course of three episodes.

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A Full-Fledged Harvest Moon Game Is Coming To Android This Winter, And It's Not An Old Port

Japanese developer and publisher Natsume has announced that it's bringing the Harvest Moon franchise to Android for the first time. And this isn't a port of one of the many previous entries in the series. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be a full-blown sequel.

Android isn't the only platform getting its first crack at a proper Harvest Moon release. The farming sim is also coming to the Wii U, PC, and iOS. Only that last one has seen a Harvest Moon game before, but Frantic Farming was a puzzle game, not the farming sim fans have grown accustomed to.

Seeds of Memories gets its name from unlockable seeds players receive as rewards for completing tasks.

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Instagram Announces Layout, A Collage App Arriving On Android Sometime In The Coming Months

For mobile photographers, collage apps are second only to filters in their ability to take low-res images and make them look somewhat interesting. Rather than continue to cede this area to competing apps, Instagram has decided to create its own dedicated piece of software. It's called Layout.

Collage1 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Layout can pull photos from your gallery or instantly arrange images as you snap them. Then you drag, resize, flip, or rotate different parts of the collage by tapping, pinching, pulling, and twisting your fingertips against the screen. Naturally users will have the option to share their creativity on their Instagram feeds.

Layout1 Layout2 Layout3

While the app is immediately available in the Apple App Store, but it won't show up for Android for several months.

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New Chromecast Buyers Will Get 2 Free Months Of Hulu Plus From October 1st Until The End Of December

When the Chromecast first launched, it came with three free months of Netflix. That was a great deal, because at $7.99 a month, this meant that buyers were getting back the majority of the money they paid for the device. Well, Google's next Chromecast offer utilizes similar appeal. From October 1st until the end of this year, the company will offer two free months of Hulu Plus with the purchase of every new Chromecast.


Hulu Plus goes for $7.99, so two months amounts to $16. That may not be quite the return the Netflix deal was, but it's still a decent haul, especially for someone who has been been thinking about subscribing but hesitated to hit the button.

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Fireproof Games Plans To Release 'The Room Three' In 2015, Is Already Working On A Samsung Gear VR Exclusive Called 'Omega Agent'

The Room was a phenomenal game when it hit Android last year (after first blowing iOS users' minds in 2012). The sequel, The Room Two (who would have guessed?), continued the stunning 3D puzzle-y goodness. Now developer Fireproof Games has announced that the third entry in the series will come in spring 2015.


Coming shortly after Samsung's Gear VR unveiling, Fireproof Games is also keen to point out that it has an upcoming title already in the works specifically for the virtual reality headset. The game goes by the name of Omega Agent.


The exclusive takes place on a remote island facility where cold-war spies are trained.

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Flappy Bird's Creator Dong Nguyen Unveils His Upcoming Game 'Swing Copters,' Aka Upward Flappy Bird

When developer Dong Nguyen first released Flappy Bird, it took the Apple App Store and Google Play by storm. Some people called the game addictive. Some thought of it as brilliant in its simplicity. We here at Android Police were so bold as to call it apparently entertaining. Well now the developer is back and ready to bestow upon the world a follow-up game that looks just as mindbogglingly and unreasonably frustrating - Swing Copters.

Here's what you need to know about this title. It's Flappy Bird, only you go up instead of right. Rather than avoiding pipes, you're fluttering wildly between steel beams and swinging hammers.

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Future Xbox One Update Will Soon Let You Stream TV To The SmartGlass Android App, Coming First To Europe

A number of new and interesting features are headed towards the Xbox One, but I'm going to ignore most of them. What has caught out attention is the ability to stream TV to Android devices using the SmartGlass app. The feature will join the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in coming to various European countries in the months ahead. It will allow users to stream TV to other smartphones and tablets while continuing to play games on the Xbox One.

Check out the video below to see a demo of the functionality in action. I've jumped ahead to the relevant part for you.

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Android And PC Cross-Device Clipboard Syncing Coming Soon To Pushbullet

The Pushbullet folks crank new functionality into their nifty push notification app so often that it would almost be more newsworthy if they stopped, but until that day comes, here's another cool feature that we're happy to see in the works. The ability to copy and paste across Android and Windows machines recently made an appearance in the beta version of the app, and a screenshot found its way to Google+.


From the image we can see that the feature will require users to have Pushbullet installed on both their PC and their Android phone or tablet. After users enable the functionality on both platforms, content copied to their clipboard should become immediately available across both devices.

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