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Upcoming Dynamic Keyboard Demoed On Video, Uses Intelligent Prediction To Change The Size Of Keys

Most Android keyboards have gotten pretty good at figuring out what word you're trying to type. Anyone that lives with SwiftKey day-to-day can certainly attest to that. But is the suggestion bar really putting that data to use? The folks behind Dynamic Keyboard have a different approach. This keyboard, set to launch on September 14th, alters the size of keys it believes you are more likely to tap.

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T-Mobile UK Says BlackBerry Messenger For Android Is Coming June 27th [Update: Nope!]

BlackBerry announced last month that its beloved BlackBerry Messenger service would be coming to Android. Although, the company didn't offer a date when BBM would be available. Don't tell T-Mobile UK any of your secrets, because it just let it slip on Twitter that the big day is June 27th.


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