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OneLouder Apps Releases ChannelCaster Into The Android Market, A DIY Social News Aggregator

The developer of popular apps like Tweetcaster and FriendCaster, OneLouder Apps, has released yet another app to its 'Caster' series: ChannelCaster.

ChannelCaster is a new aggregator that adds a social element to the way your news is delivered, much like News360. You can create your own channels, and share them publicly so others can see what your feed is pulling. Similarly, you can browse all other public channels to find interesting content feeds that other users have put together.

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The app can pull content from multiple services like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and other news sites/blogs. It offers a multitude of various categories, everything from fashion to social gossip, sports, local, and life, as well as offering quick access to basic information like stocks, weather, horoscope, and more.

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[New App] Tweetcaster HD For Honeycomb Lands In The Android Market

We've talked about a few different Twitter clients designed specifically for Honeycomb in the past, but none have been so anticipated as Tweetcaster HD. The standard Tweetcaster (for phones) has been a long time favorite app of Twitter users because of it's super-rad zip it feature, which gives you the ability to block tweets by keyword, so you can ignore annoying tweets without having to un-follow anyone. Now, along with several other nice features, you can have this functionality on your Honeycomb tablet!

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Aside from Zip It, you can also color code tweets, retweet with or without comments, view @replies in a conversation style breakdown, and much more.

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