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[Update: Winners!] International Giveaway: Win One Of Two 2013 LTE Nexus 7s And $50 In-Game Cash From Gameloft And Android Police

Have you heard the news? Caesar is dead. And he's not coming back. Who's going to take over his empire? That's to be decided, and you can throw your name in the hat in Gameloft's new game Total Conquest. By "throw your name in the hat," I actually mean join together with like-minded vigilantes and slay all the naysayers. It's time to build an army and claim what's rightfully yours.

To celebrate the release of this new top-down strategy game, we've teamed up with Gameloft to hook two lucky readers up with a brand spanking new Nexus 7 LTE along with $50 worth of Total Conquest in-game currency.

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[New Game] Gameloft Launches Total Conquest For Android, Sends Legions Of Gamers To Wage War Online

Caesar's dead, and now Gameloft's calling on gamers to form alliances and go to war over who should rule in his place. Sure, Caesar's death could cause some of us to question whether someone other than a general should have a shot at governance, but now's not the time for such hesitation. This is the time for Total Conquest.

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Total Conquest is a top-down strategy game that centers around building a province and defending it from attack with towers, traps, walls, and soldiers. There are ten different types of units available to train and upgrade, but without forging alliances with nearby players, don't expect to last for long.

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