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Google Improves The Quality Of YouTube's Automatically Generated Video Thumbnails

It's easy not to think about just how much thought and computing goes into everything that Google does, but one of YouTube's latest changes reminds us of precisely that.

Every video on the site has a thumbnail that's supposed to offer you a glimpse into what you're about to watch. A bad image will discourage you from clicking. Good ones lead to more views and greater revenue. So naturally both content creators and Google would prefer to have better thumbnails.

Using deep neural networks, the YouTube team has launched an improved "thumbnailer." Every frame in a video gets evaluated by a quality model and is assigned a quality score.

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SugarSync App Moves To Version 4.0 In First Update Since Summer 2012 With New Design And More

Popular cloud syncing and sharing app SugarSync, which promises to give you "all of your data at your fingertips," got a major update today – its first since July 20th, 2012.

Probably the most obvious change is to the app's interface. In the 4.0 update, SugarSync has been totally redesigned to bring it closer to its desktop and web counterparts, adding – among other things – a new gallery with larger thumbnails, thumbnail support for common video formats, and some holo-esque elements.

Besides its visual overhaul, the app has several handy new features. Among them are cloud search (which lets users search across all their computers), the ability to sync folders from your SD card, and some under-the-hood performance/battery life enhancements.

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