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[Deal Alert] Price Of The Nest 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat Drops $50 To $199 After The Launch Of The Nest 3rd Generation

It's always fun to have the latest and greatest version of the gadgets we love, but sometimes the previous generation is nearly as good and a better overall value. Such may be the case with the new Nest Learning Thermostat.

The 3rd generation of the popular temperature controller was announced yesterday and boasts a few minor improvements over the now "old" 2nd generation Nest. The display is larger, it's a bit thinner, and sports a couple of new features and sensors. If you want to read the full breakdown of changes you can read Cameron's article about the product announcement here.

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Google's Nest Smart Thermostat Now Works With Insteon Products, Philips Hue, Kwikset Kevo, Whirlpool, And Others

Nest has much to talk about at this year's CES. The intelligent thermostat that connects to your phone and tries to best adjust the temperature to your needs is now learning how to play along with more than a few other smart appliances spread throughout your home. The resulting possibilities remind us that we're living in the future.

By integrating with Kwikset Kevo, Nest can tell when a family member gets home and automatically set the climate to their liking. The thermostat can then signal Whirpool washers and dryers to run at a softer setting, so as to create less background noise.

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Nest Integration With Google Now Goes Live, Brings New Card And Voice Commands

Nest was already smarter than your average thermostat, coming with an app that serves as your mobile command and control center. But now that the hardware is integrated with Google Now, it's even easier to communicate with the device. Wish it were a little bit warmer? Just say the word.


We knew this functionality was coming, it was just a matter of waiting for Google to flip the switch. Now that everything's working, Nest will respond to any number of voice commands following the words OK Google, including change the temperature to, turn the thermostat to, set Nest at, alter the temp, and seemingly everything in between.

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It Looks Like Google Is Shutting Down EnergySense Already, Nest Acquisition Is Probably To Blame

It's been just over three months since we gave you an exclusive look at EnergySense, Google's attempt to jump start their home management offerings. Now it looks like they're ending support for the project, closing down the web and Android apps that are currently in the test phase. This is the email sent to the EnergySense testers from Google.

Subject: EnergySense program winddown
Greetings Trusted Testers,

Our Trusted Tester trial has come to an official close, and in the next two weeks Google will stop actively supporting EnergySense. As of March 31, the EnergySense web and mobile apps will stop working, although your thermostat will continue to operate with its regular schedule.

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Exclusive Early Glimpse At EnergySense, The Start Of Google's Renewed Bid For Home Energy Management

Yesterday, The Information reported that Google is rumored to be working on smart thermostats, in a renewed bid to help users manage their home energy (and interior climate). Information on the project is sparse so far, but Google hopes it will be a successful follow-up to the unsuccessful PowerMeter, a service that was killed off due to apparent scaling difficulties.

Thanks to a tipster who is - we know you've heard this before - familiar with the matter, we've got an early glimpse into Google's upcoming thermostat foray - we've got a few new details and a look at the service's Android app.

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[Deal Alert] 1st Gen Nest Learning Thermostat On Sale For $179.99 Today On Amazon ($45 Off)

If you've been tempted to upgrade to a simple, automated thermostat, now might be a good time to do just that. As part of Amazon's 1-day Gold Box deal, you can pick up a 1st generation Nest thermostat for $179.99 today, which is almost $45 off yesterday's price of $223.75.

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Nest is designed to learn your usage patterns, and keep your home heated the way you like it without wasting any energy. To make things a little simpler, it can also be controlled through a mobile app, which is available for free from the Play Store.

In comparison, the 2nd generation device, which is 20% thinner and compatible with 95% of homes as opposed to 75% in the 1st generation, is also available from Amazon, costing $249.99

The deal ends in 17 hours, or when stock runs out, so be quick!

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