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The Conduit HD Review: Automatic Shooting Is Not Automatically Fun

The Nintendo Wii suffered throughout its life from a lack of good games. The Conduit aimed to bring a solid first-person shooter experience to that console a few years back, and now the game has been ported to Android as a Tegra exclusive. Can a Wii game from 2008 offer the kind of experience we've come to expect on Android? Let's find out.

Gameplay And Controls

In this game you play as Secret Service agent Michael Ford, who is recruited by a shadowy government agency to take out a supposed terrorist group.

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[New Game] The Conduit HD Comes To Tegra Devices, Hoping To Prove That Mobile FPS Games Can Compete with Consoles

Back in 2008, a little game called The Conduit landed on the Wii, and plenty of gamers held it as an example that the console's non-standard control system was up to the twitchy task of first-person shooter gameplay. The Conduit HD is now available for Android as well, hoping to prove not only that the platform is viable for high-end gaming, but that the hardware is also capable of replicating console visuals.

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