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T-Mobile Begins Rolling Out Galaxy S5 And Note 3 Update Enabling VoLTE Support In Fifteen Markets Nationwide

T-Mobile announced a great many things yesterday, but not all of them were reason for customers everywhere to rejoice. No, some of the goods are reserved for a select segment of users. Starting today, the carrier is issuing an over-the-air update to the Galaxy S5 (G900TUVU1BNF6that enables support for voice over LTE connections. To coincide with the news, T-Mobile's VoLTE is now available in a total of fifteen markets. With availability in areas such as Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., the carrier has pockets of coverage scattered all throughout the country.


S5 owners who do not live in any of these markets have to wait until tomorrow to receive the update, which they will be able to download via Samsung Kies.

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It's Not You: T-Mobile Is Struggling To Come Back From A Nationwide Outage [Update]

It's been a rough morning for T-Mobile. Perhaps you've noticed your phone has been unusually silent, and people don't seem to be responding to your text messages. Well, the reason is probably the extensive outage Tmo has been dealing with for the few hours. That, or no one likes you. Either way.

The problems are widespread, but not universal. It seems to be affecting data connectivity in some cases, but mostly voice calls. Affected areas are failing to connect any call, instead playing a recorded message saying that the number is unavailable.

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T-Mobile's Sony Xperia Z Gets An Update To Build 10.4.C.0.808 With A Handful Of Interface And App Tweaks [Update: It's Android 4.3 After All]

Update: Xperia Blog has confirmed this update is, in fact, Android 4.3. I can confirm that T-Mobile does, in fact, suck at changelogs. The version has also been tweaked to 10.4.C.0.814.

It might not be the latest and greatest anymore, but the Sony Xperia Z on T-Mobile is still getting some update love today. That mysterious Android 4.3 update that was pulled a few months back still isn't back, apparently. Instead, you get some small tweaks.

2014-06-02 10_26_03-Software update_ Sony Xperia Z _ T-Mobile Support

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T-Mobile Resumes Updating Its Galaxy S5 With An OTA That Fixes Previous Data Speed Issues (G900TUVU1ANE6)

A week ago T-Mobile halted a relatively minor OTA update for the Galaxy S5 after some users who installed it started to suffer from reduced data speeds. Now it looks like the carrier is pushing out a new version of the update that doesn't contain the affliction. It goes by the rather lengthy name of software version G900TUVU1ANE6, a string of letters and numbers that is only one digit off from the previous G900TUVU1ANE5.

S5-1 S5-2

The update is only around 18MB in size, and this time around it looks like it shouldn't end up doing more harm than good.

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T-Mobile Announces Android 4.4.3 OTA Rollout For The Nexus 5 (KTU84M) And 2013 Nexus 7 (KTU84L) [Update: Nexus 4, Too]

Update: T-Mobile has made a mention of Android 4.4.3 for the Nexus 4 as well. This update should move the handset up to build version KTU84L and weighs 91.7 MB.


T-Mobile has announced that the Android 4.4.3 OTA software update for Nexus 5s and 2013 Nexus 7s is due out starting today. According to information on T-Mobile's support page, the update will bump smartphone owners up to version KTU84M following a 77.9MB download. Nexus 7 owners will jump to version KTU84L after downloading and installing 91.7 MB of data.



Bug fix releases aren't typically the most exciting, but this one has Android users waiting anxiously.

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LG G3 Confirmed On AT&T, T-Mobile, And Sprint [Update: Verizon Too]

As is common with smartphone announcements, LG's G3 event was pretty cringe-worthy, but the phone looks intriguing, right? Those of you in the US will probably be able to get it on all carriers eventually, but so far AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have signaled their intention to carry the G3 this summer.

g3-devices 6741794_LG G3

Sprint is touting HD voice and Spark (tri-band LTE) support. The Now network is also getting the gold version of the device as a US exclusive, which I know will make you all very excited. Pre-registering also enters you to win one of 20 free devices. No word yet on Verizon, but Big Red always takes its time.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Over-The-Air Update Halted, Data Speed Bug Suspected

Thursday we reported that T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 was getting a minor bug fix in the form of a 131 megabyte update. It looks like the cure was worse than the malady, because T-Mobile has abruptly halted the G900TUVU1ANE5 update, putting up a short message on the support page by way of an explanation. 

Updated May 23 @ 8:30 PM EST

The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Software update to G900TUVU1ANE5 via OTA or Kies has been paused. This post will be updated when further details are available.

Details are scarce, but a little investigation from users at the XDA-Developers forum have found a probable reason: some users were seeing vastly decreased data speeds immediately after applying the update.

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T-Mobile Launches VoLTE In Seattle; G Flex, Galaxy Light, And Note 3 Updated With Support

T-Mobile is ready to pull the metaphorical VoLTE lever marked Seattle, giving the city early access to the upgraded infrastructure the carrier hopes to roll out to more parts of the country over the course of the year. This voice over LTE connection will allow consumers to use voice and data at the same time, as voice calls will go out over IP on LTE rather than taking the current switched-circuit path approach.


Three devices will access T-Mobile VoLTE before any others, and these are the G Flex, the Galaxy Light, and the Galaxy Note 3. OTA updates are rolling out now that is turning this functionality on for people in the Seattle area.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Receives Minor Bug Fix OTA Software Update (G900TUVU1ANE5)

T-Mobile has announced a software update for its version of the Galaxy S5 that, while nothing exciting, should address an issue some customers have experienced. The change log contains a single item, an improvement that alleviates occasional incoming SMS/MMS failure. Following the update, the S5 should receive messages more reliably, assuming it hasn't worked fine for you thus far. The version number is G900TUVU1ANE5.


The update is 131MB large and is available as an OTA or via Samsung Kies. Galaxy S5 owners won't get any new features from installing it, but at least their phones should be slightly better at being actual phones.

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T-Mobile's HTC One (M7) Gets Sense 6 And The One M8 Gets Extreme Power Saving Mode In A Pair Of Software Updates

If you've got an HTC One on T-Mobile, whether it's the original from 2013 or the new One M8, you have a software update headed your way. Nether is packing a new version on Android, because they're both running KitKat, but new features are inside nonetheless. One M7 owners get a refreshed version of HTC's Sense interface, and One M8 owners now have access to the Extreme Power Saving mode.

one lte

Sense 6 is the version of the HTC interface that debuted on the One M8, and since it's being passed down to the M7, we can assume that it will make it to the devices like the One Mini and One Max at some point.

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