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HTC One With Free Car Dock Now Live At - Order Yours For $99.99 + $20/Month Or $579.99 Lump Sum

The HTC One page just went live at, so if you've been lusting after what David called the most important phone of 2013 (read his review to understand the reasoning behind such a bold statement), you can finally secure the Glacial Silver version online. It doesn't look like the Stealth Black variant is up yet if you were looking for one of those, but on the upside T-Mobile is throwing in a free car dock with the purchase. Not a bad deal.


With the new Simple Choice plans, the One will run you $99.99 out of pocket with extra $20/month for 24 months or $579.99 outright.

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The Nexus 4 Is Back In Stock Online At (For Now)

Have you got a case of the Nexus 4 blues? Unfortunately, it’s still out of stock in the Play Store. We know from a recent interview that LG is citing underestimated demand as the reason for the phone’s seemingly endless unavailability. That’s something Google CEO Larry Page says the company is working on. But if you want a Nexus 4 right now in the States, there is another option, as long as you’re willing to sign a contract with a carrier.

The Nexus 4 is back in stock online, through T-Mobile, after being sold out for weeks. It's now been several hours, but the Add To Cart button is still there - a refreshing development considering recent shortages.

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