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SuperSU 2.35 Is Now Available In The Play Store After A Successful Beta Test

Lollipop users, you can now download the popular SuperSU tool from the Play Store. Not that you couldn't before, but version 2.35 is particularly notable: it works with a lot more of the usual root apps, after both SuperSU and the apps that use it were having trouble on Android 5.0. You can flash 2.35 via the usual ZIP in TWRP (and probably other custom recoveries), with updates coming via the Play Store after that.

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Developer Chainfire has been working on getting SuperSU to play nice with root apps since the developer preview, but each new release up to the retail launch of Android 5.0 has presented new problems, especially with the new SELinux security policies.

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Chainfire May Have Fixed Many Broken Root Apps On Lollipop With New SuperSU Beta, And You Can Help Test

Android 5.0 is a big step up in security with its tweaked implementation of SELinux. Chainfire managed to get root on Lollipop shortly after it was released, of course, but the process has been a little more messy. There are also a fair number of root apps that are broken on Android 5.0. The newest build of SuperSU from Chainfire might fix many of those issues, though.

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Chainfire Gets Root Working On The Nexus 9 With A Few Tweaks

Android 5.0 is a new age for rooting on Android. Google's latest security enhancements require more hackery to circumvent and the Nexus 9's 64-bit software complicates matters even further. Still, after just a few hours, Chainfire has updated SuperSU to work on the Nexus 9, but there are a few extra steps.


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Chainfire Issues A Quick Root Fix For The Latest Lollipop Preview Builds On The Nexus 5 And Nexus 7

Technically the Developer Preview builds of Android L that Google issued are meant only for, well, developers. But of course a ton of regular users have downloaded them to try out Lollipop, and those users tend to be the same ones that like to use root apps. The updated Android 5.0 preview builds for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 issued yesterday broke the existing root functions, so SuperSU developer Chainfire issued a quick fix.


Unfortunately, that fix doesn't come in the form of an updated app - you'll actually have to flash a modified Android kernel to either device to get root working.

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Chainfire's SuperSU Gets A Huge Update To 2.13, With Amazon Appstore Distribution, AOSP And Android L Tweaks, And Better Android TV Support

The SuperSU root permissions manager is probably one of the most widely-distributed power user tools on Android at this point, though it won't be breaking the Top Ten lists in the Play Store any time soon. Developer Chainfire has issued an update to version 2.13, which includes a huge list of additional and adjusted features. As far as usability is concerned, the biggest change is probably the fact that the app is now available on the Amazon Appstore. Kindle Fire modders, this means easy updates for you.


Other major adjustments include improved support for AOSP, Android L, and Android TV (such as they are).

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Chainfire Updates SuperSU To Work Properly On The Android L Developer Preview

There are always some bumps along the road when a new version of Android comes out, and this one isn't even technically done yet. Nevertheless, Chainfire has tweaked SuperSU to enable root access on the Android L developer preview. This man works fast.


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Chainfire Introduces The Ability To Root Six Additional Galaxy S5 Variants, Including T-Mobile And US Cellular

Two weeks ago developer Chainfire rooted the international GSM-LTE version of the Galaxy S5. These things take time, but apparently not much of it. Barely two weeks later, the modder is back after having rooted six additional variants just in time for the official commercial launch. These include the T-Mobile, US Cellular, and MetroPCS models, the International Exynos option, and some shipped to various other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

The rooting method remains the same. Chainfire has shared this XDA Developers post detailing how to get the latest version of CF-Auto-Root and flash it using a PC with Samsung's ODIN tool.

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Chainfire Has Already Rooted At Least One Version Of The Galaxy S5, SuperSU App Updated For Compatibility

That was fast. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S5 won't be released for another two weeks, well-known developer and modder Chainfire has already rooted the phone. Well, at least one of the Galaxy S5s (S Fives? Galaxies S5? whatever), specifically the SM-G900F model, which seems to be the international GSM-LTE version. The root method will probably work with at least some regional and carrier variants.

To get root privileges, check out this XDA-Developers post for Chainfire's latest version of the CF-Auto-Root tool, flashable via a PC with Samsung's ODIN tool. At the moment it flashes a temporary modified recovery, then installs the SuperSU app, then re-flashes the stock recovery.

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Leaked Android 4.4 For Galaxy S4 Breaks SuperSU, Chainfire Already Has A Fix

OTA updates are usually a good thing, but first impressions can be misleading. The just leaked Android 4.4 KitKat build for the Galaxy S4 seems good, but some behind-the-scenes changes broke SuperSU, making root access difficult. Ever the go-getter, Chainfire already has it sorted out.

The new flashable ZIP file is available from Chainfire's site – version number 1.89. CF-Auto-Root has also been updated to include the new SuperSU. This has been successfully tested with the leaked ROM on the GT-i9505, but should also be fine on other devices you need to get root on.

Chainfire is still undecided about adding this version to the Play Store as it is only for a single leaked ROM.

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SuperSU Security Advisory: Update To Version 1.69 (Available Now) To Avoid Potential Exploits

If you're a root user, listen up. Chainfire updated SuperSU to v1.69 as of last night, which fixes two exploits that could allow an attacker to leverage root privileges without first prompting the user. Probably nothing to get overly anxious about, but it's definitely a good idea to make sure you're running the latest. Details of these exploits will be released next Monday, so you'll want to grab the update before then.


Fortunately, this one's pretty easy – just install the update from the Play Store and you're covered; no need to flash anything.

This update also includes a handful of other fixes and things:

- XBIN mode (some new roots need this)
- Slightly adjusted binary installer
- Backup script installation now available for all backuptool-capable ROMs
- Fixed su-ing to a non-root user not working on some 4.3+ firmwares
- Fixed BOOTCLASSPATH vulnerability (CVE-2013-6774) - Fixed notification sanitization vulnerability (CVE-2013-6775) - Fixed possible closed special files vulnerability
- Updated language files

The update is already live in the Play Store, so make sure to pull it down as soon as you can.

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