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Rumorville: Expect The HTC EVO 4G To Drop In June And Your Wallet To Go On A $10-20 Monthly Diet

The EVO 4G news is continuing to roll in, though I’m using the term ‘news’ loosely. Engadget is reporting today that Sprint’s upper management is talking about a potential June 6th or 13th launch date, with the 13th seeming more likely to get some hot 4G action.

Engadget is definitely one of the more trustworthy gadget blogs out there right now, but they can only peg this information on ‘intel’, so at this point it does not appear that anything is set in stone. When Sprint first announced the EVO 4G, they simply mentioned summer as the target release date which fits this report but I haven’t been able to find anything that has convinced me to remove my skeptic hat.

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The 4.3" 1GHz HTC Supersonic Sprint Announcement Imminent Today 03/23/2010 (Or Tomorrow 03/24/2010?)

The mobile sphere is abuzz with the rumors of a possible HTC Supersonic announcement tomorrow, all caused by a tiny note Sprint posted in the member area on Here is a screenshot (courtesy of Sprint Forums):

possible supersonic announcement?

According to other users who have talked to various Sprint customer service reps, Supersonic is indeed "coming very very soon", which seems to only confirm the rumor. Of course, nothing is 100% until we tune into the announcement… the time of which is currently unknown.

It is also not clear what exactly "tomorrow" means here, mostly because Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, is scheduled as the keynote speaker for the 2nd day of the 2010 CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas, which happens to be Wednesday, not Tuesday as some are mistakenly reporting.

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