Do you love turn-based strategy games, robots, and world domination? If so, Greed Corp HD is the game you should be playing right now. Greed Corps takes place in a cutthroat world where only the strong survive -- it's kill or be killed.

This game is for tablets only.

Find the delicate balance between harvesting the land for resources to fund your war machines and preserving it to stay alive. Choose one of four different factions: the industrious Cartel, the militaristic Empire, the Freemen preservationists, and the Pirate traders.


Those of us who have been anxiously awaiting the release of Age of Defenders for Android can finally exhale - CUKETA has released their beautiful, unique creation to the Android Market.

The game deftly combines the tower defense and strategy genres, pitting you against other players in an online setting, and even allowing for live chat during matches. The game essentially gives you the dual roles of defender and attacker. The player must build a defense surrounding their own tower, while simultaneously planning various attacks against the opponent.


Superplay games made its first entry into the Android Market recently with Cosmonauts, a cartoony outer space “turn-based combat” game which spoofs cold-war drama by pitting you against a galactic superpower aiming to conquer space itself.

At A Glance

Cosmonauts is an amusing game that’s easy to pick up and play at any time. It offers familiar three-stars-per-level gameplay, but also allows for combat against real players. If you want to play with a friend, Cosmonauts offers a pass-and-play option, meaning you and your opponent share a device.


Rubicon Development has just released Great Little War Game, a turn-based strategy game, promising intuitive gameplay and a unique visual twist.

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GLWG has a ton of different environments, multiplayer capability, and openFeint achievements, making it a dynamic game with certain replay value.

Adding to the elements you may expect in a turn-based strategy game, Great Little War Game is styled in an almost cartoonish, comical way while still offering big guns and explosions.

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2012

The creators of Age of Defenders, a game coming soon to Android and iOS (and already available for PC and Mac), released the game's first trailer today, giving viewers a taste of what's in store for its release.

The game combines the familiar tower defense genre with offensive strategy, and even allows for online play. Better still, the game's desktop version can run directly from your computer's browser.

The graphics are clean, sharp, and realistic, and there are plenty of environments to play through.


Fans of the classic game Battle Realms have a real treat coming sometime next year (I know, that's still a while from now, but good things come to those who wait), as Liquid Entertainment is bringing a version of the game to Android. It's not the same style of Battle Realms that you fell in love with years ago, however - it's going to be a collectible card style game set in the traditional Battle Realms world.

Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

Age of Wind 2 indulges the side of us that would like to go off with Captain Jack Sparrow and look to make our own fortune. After an opening "story" sequence where you're tossed overboard from an exceptional ship, you're left to start with your own crew and a smaller vessel, hopefully to achieve success.


Yo ho!

Age of Wind 2 plays a lot like one of my favourite titles, Sid Meier's Pirates!.


Pax Britannica for Android is a port of the open-source game of the same name. Marketed as "the one button strategy game," Pax lives up to its word. Players take control of an underwater factory ship that is locked in combat with another ship of similar function.

Each ship it outfitted with a dial which allows it to spawn individual ships. This is accomplished by a player pressing and holding their finger on their assigned section of the screen: the needle on the dial unwinds clockwise, and each quadrant of the dial spawns a different ship.


Just in case you thought today would be devoid of some kind of fun, developer Hexage decided to release its latest game, Robotek. You play as the last human holdout on a robot-conquered Earth, slowly working from one base to take liberate nodes, countries, continents, and eventually the planet back from your oppressors. Combat plays out in a strategic, turn-based style, but there's a bit of a twist to it.


You fight your robot enemies by spinning a virtual slot machine from which you gain bonuses, drone units and special attacks based on the outcome.

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2011

One thing I remember about flipping through Nintendo Power magazine in my childhood is the Shadowrun SNES game. Based off a popular pen-and-paper RPG, Shadowrun is set in a dystopian future where humans can splice themselves with technology to gain new powers. The player wades through a maze of lies, deceit and all-around scummy people to meet their goals, whatever that may be.

cyberlord 1

The reason I bring Shadowrun up in a review about Cyberlords is that the atmosphere feels stunningly similar.

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