There's a v2.0 update to the Spotify app today, and it brings a few new features. It's maybe not as significant as you might expect from a v2.0 revision, but you're still looking at solid improvements. No, Chromecast support is not one of them. Sorry.



The music industry has changed a great deal over the course of the past decade, and Spotify is one of the most well-known brands leading the transition. The company announced today that going into 2015, its music-streaming service has 15 million paying users, with another 45 million who consume content for free. This is an increase from the 12.5 million subscribers (over 50 million total) announced in November.


Pandora wooed millions of users over the past ten years through Internet radio stations that catered to each listener's tastes.


You need never be plagued by a haunting tune you just can't identify in this modern world. There are plenty of apps that can ID a song in mere seconds, but the new version of SoundHound adds a cool trick. It can add songs you ID to a Spotify playlist for easy listening. This functionality was debuted a few months ago for Rdio, but I'd wager there are more Spotify users out there.


♫ Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ♫

Whether you're listening to Christmas carols, other holiday or non-holiday songs, or simply feeling grim and replaying some mellow tunes through Spotify, the service sneaked in some winter joy in its Android app to cheer you up. Consider it an easter egg in the form of Christmas snowfall.


So you got that fancy Sonos speaker (or several ones) and you're annoyed that it only streams music via Wi-Fi from your Android device through the Sonos or Google Play Music apps? Cheaper (much cheaper actually) Bluetooth speakers would allow you to play any audio from any app on them, and Macronos unlocks that same functionality on the Sonos.

The app, which has been available for a while, but only came to our attention recently, serves mostly as a Sonos macro creator — something like a shortcut to play this playlist on this speaker at this volume, while lowering that speaker to that volume.


Spotify has announced an option for families that allows them to add discounted accounts to a primary Spotify account, very much like a carrier family plan. After signing up for a standard $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription, users in the US can add up to four more premium accounts for $5 each, a 50% discount. A family of five can thus get a premium account for each member for a total of $29.99 a month.


Music streaming service Spotify has crept over the border into the unforgiving arctic north of Canada today, bringing with it the gift of music. Spotify touts its 20 million song catalog and 320kbps audio quality, but that's less special than it once was. What does make Spotify special for Canadians is that it's actually available in Canada unlike some services.



Spotify still doesn't support streaming its music to Chromecast. That's bad. The third-party Spoticast app allows you to stream Spotify audio to Chromecast for free. That's good. Spoticast has been taken off the Play Store, allegedly for violating intellectual property rights and "app impersonation." That's bad. Want some frozen yogurt?

Hey everyone, this morning we received notification that #Spoticast has been removed from the Google play store. So unfortunately it seems #Spoticast has come to an end.


Hey, Spotify users – how's it going? It's about to be going even better, because with the latest update to the music streaming app, you can finally add full albums to playlists (I kind of can't believe this wasn't possible before), and it will also confirm if you try to add the same song to a playlist twice. Both are welcome features, and should improve the playlist experience pretty drastically – it'll definitely make it a lot easier to make playlists from the collected works of a single artist.

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It seems that just about every major organization or service is being targeted for a gigantic data breach these days. Spotify was the latest service to be attacked, and yesterday the music streaming company specifically told Android users to upgrade their apps soon to protect themselves. The update is available today, but Spotify isn't taking any chances: it's created an entirely separate entry in the Play Store to make sure users get the point.

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