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The Special Edition Gold Nexus 6P Is Confirmed To Be A Japan Exclusive

Gold phones are a thing these days, but you won't be able to get Google's latest flagship in gold unless you happen to be in Japan. Odds are that you aren't, so that's a bummer. The gold version of the Nexus 6P is a special edition, and it will only be sold via the Japanese Google Store.

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Brazil Gets A Special Edition Of The ASUS Zenfone 2 With A Massive 256GB Storage And A Unique Back

64GB? Kid's stuff. 128GB? Paltry. Real smartphone spec-hounds will settle for nothing less than 256GB of local onboard storage (which, incidentally, is more than many laptops these days). At least they'd settle for nothing less if any of those phones were actually available. There will be one soon, in at least one location: the ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition. It's coming to Brazil sometime in the future for an unspecified price, though "quite a lot" would be a safe bet. The model was shown off on the official ASUS Brazil blog.

The Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition is identical to the high-end version of the original Zenfone 2, with 4GB of RAM and a faster Atom Z3580 processor, with the obvious exception of the greater storage capacity.

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition For South Korea, China, And Hong Kong

What kind of cell phone would Iron Man use? Well, depending on which movie or commercial you watch, it's either an LG (the original movie), an HTC (based on Robert Downey Jr.'s nonsensical brand representation), or an impossible transparent super-sci-fi gadget phone (Iron Man 2). But the ultimate fan of Marvel's movies would definitely use the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition, with a unique gold-on-red color scheme to match the suit. And just in case people don't get the hint, it's also got a huge Iron Man helmet decal on the back and a custom Avengers software theme.

Samsung has made the Iron Man Edition official, with a release in the company's home turf of South Korea planned for tomorrow, May 27th, and China and Hong Kong releases next month.

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You Will Either Love Or Hate The Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Alpha [Poll]

Everyone has a different idea of what looks good when it comes to phones and tablets, but Samsung has generally not made great choices. The Galaxy Alpha is a big step in the right direction, but you know what it's missing? Alligator skin. Yeah, the new limited edition Galaxy Alpha will definitely be divisive.

These devices were created for Samsung in collaboration with Free Lance and JB Rautureau. They will only be officially available in France with a total run of 100 units. You'll probably be able to get your hands on one if you really want, though.

alpha-le-fr-bl alpha-le-fr-br alpha-le-fr-bro alpha-le-fr-red

On the inside it's the same Galaxy Alpha with a 4.7-inch 720p Super AMOLED screen, Exynos 5 Octa ARM chip, 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera, and a 1860mAh battery.

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Dead Zebra's 4-Piece Android Heroes & Villains II Figure Set From Comic-Con Is Now On Sale For $40

The Comic-Con special editions of Andrew Bell's Android figurines are always special, and this year is no exception. These limited-edition Heroes & Villains II figures were available in San Diego last week on the show floor, but now you can pick them up in a 4-piece bundle for yourself. It's priced reasonably at $40, which is the same sticker price you would have paid for four regular figures.


The figures have a comic book theme, but with a suitably technological twist. The Superman stand-in is Super User, with a big "SU" on his costume's shield and a fetching cape. "Bot Man" looks like a certain dark knight with a grey cape and a robot-themed logo and utility belt.

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OUYA Introduces A Limited White Edition With Double The Storage (16GB) For Just $30 More

You may have noticed a bit of a frenzy in the world of gaming consoles in the last week or so. Not one to be left behind, OUYA is taking the opportunity to remind everyone that the Android-powered console exists, and can be had for less than the price of a car payment. To that end a limited edition version of OUYA was just posted to the online store in a fetching white case, with matching controller.


But in hardware as in life, it's what's on the inside that counts. The limited edition console is an extra thirty dollars over the $99 retail price, which in and of itself is pretty typical.

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HTC To Release Sensation Special Edition, With Bigger Battery, Faster Processor And Beats Audio

It turns out we might not have to wait too long to see HTC implement the Beats by Dr. Dre audio technology into future phones. The Sensation will soon be getting an upgrade to the Sensation Special Edition 2 that brings a Beats in-ear headset, along with the following additional improvements:

  • Faster processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon, up from 1.2 GHz
  • Bigger battery: 1,730 mAH, up from 1,520 mAH
  • More storage: 4GB, up from 1GB

These improvements will come at a cost - £520 (or around $847) off-contract, to be exact. No word on release date, or if we'll ever see this device stateside, but these details will probably be ironed out at IFA this week.

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Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition Coming... To India

Acer has partnered with Ferrari to release a special edition of their Liquid E smartphone. The internals are the same as the regular Liquid E, albeit with the processor stock clocked a bit higher:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon 8250 (45nm process - check out this article for details on why that's a good thing)
  • 5 MP Camera
  • 3.5" screen
  • Android 2.1

The only real customizations are that it's apparently been custom designed by Ferrari to be light weight, and checks in at 135g. Other than that, it's Ferrari red with an accompanying logo around back, and has a few custom Ferrari wallpapers.

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