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Star Defender 4 Is Out - It's Like Space Invaders On Steroids

Many moons ago - way back in March - we covered a Space Invaders-type game called Star Defender 3. It looks like space didn't stay safe for very long and now it needs to be defended again, because Awem Studio just released the sequel: Star Defender 4. And if you thought three was crazy - wait until you see all the action packed into four. It's nutty.

Crazy, right?

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[New Game] Space Invaders Infinity Gene Is Like Classic Space Invaders With An Added Dose Of Awesome

Everyone has played the original Space Invaders at one point or another -- scrolling back and forth, trying to eliminate each and every menacing insect-like alien floating above you. Imagine that, now add in steroids and speed, and the end result would be something similar to Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Just take a look at the gameplay trailer:

The biggest feature in Infinity Genre is its "the more you play, the more it evolves" styling, so it's an always-changing environment.

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