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AmpMe Turns Multiple Phones Into Speakers For Your Music: How It Works And How It Compares To SoundSeeder

The idea of using multiple phones as speakers to play the same music isn't new. It was popularized by Samsung's Group Cast way back in the Galaxy S3 days and has since gotten over that proprietary requirement thanks to third-party apps like SoundSeeder that made it possible to tune Android devices together, regardless of their brand. As a newcomer in the field, AmpMe has a lot to prove against tough and established competition. The app manages a few victories thanks to cross-platform compatibility, but loses in terms of services supported. For now, that's only SoundCloud, although the developers say more are coming.

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SoundCloud Android App Rocks Chromecast Support Following Latest App Update

The newest version of SoundCloud, which rolled out in the past week, has added a way to get independently created music streaming through your television sets. Now when you fire up the app, Chromecast-owning users will see the familiar icon located in the action bar. Or it will appear in the bottom left-hand corner if music is already playing.

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SoundCloud Finally Brings Related Tracks To Android, Fixes A Few Bugs Too

If you use SoundCloud to listen to music and audio from your favorite artists, podcasters, DJs, and other audio genies, you've probably wondered why the Android app doesn't have the "related tracks" feature that has been present in iOS and the web version for a while. After all, it's so much easier to discover new tracks to your liking when they're recommended based on what you already know you love, than to go manually hunt for them and fall into a spiral of mediocre audio that doesn't suit your taste.


But with today's update to SoundCloud's Android app, the feature is now accessible from the overflow menu of any track.

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SoundCloud Introduces A Revamped Recording Experience And Redesigned Playback Widget In Latest Update

SoundCloud version 15.06.09 is now rolling out to devices, but its visual changes aren't immediately apparent. Here's where you need to look. When you go to record audio, you're in for a much whiter experience. And no, I'm not talking about anyone's lyrics.

SoundCloud1 SoundCloud2

Left: Old, Right: New

Rather than changing everything all at once, SoundCloud has introduced material elements bit by bit. The most pressing ones came at the beginning of this year, but the recording interface went untouched. Now it better fits in with the app's new current look and feel.

The same can be said for SoundCloud's playback widget.

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SoundCloud Android App Update Brings A Few Material-Inspired Changes And Other Visual Tweaks

The SoundCloud Android app has received a slight visual touch-up in the latest update, version 14.12.18-43. Users will now see a slightly more spacious action bar, rounded menus, and Lollipop notifications. These tweaks sit on top of previous user interface changes that still look bright, colorful, and clean.

Screenshot_2015-01-05-15-54-56 Screenshot_2015-01-05-16-00-05 Screenshot_2015-01-05-15-59-29

Another change takes effect only when you pause music. The changelog says that the background album art gets blurred, but on my Nexus 7, I only noticed dimming. Regardless, it's a nice visual aid.

Screenshot_2015-01-05-16-09-52 Screenshot_2015-01-05-16-10-14 Screenshot_2015-01-05-16-10-04

The remaining changes consist of various bugfixes, including one that interrupted streams and another that affected logging in on a Samsung device running Android 4.2.2.

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T-Mobile Adds 14 More Music Services That Won't Use Your Data, Including Google Play Music, Xbox Music, And SoundCloud

Early this summer, T-Mobile announced a Music Freedom plan that would allow customers to stream music from select services without impacting their data allotment. Some people opposed this offering on principle. Others were simply upset to see their favorite services not supported. Around these parts, Google Play Music topped the list of what folks wanted to see.

T-Mobile said it was going to do something about this, and now it has. Google Play Music is available to Music Freedom customers, in addition to 13 other services.

The list of additions include:

  • Digitally Imported
  • Fit Radio
  • Fresca Radio
  • Google Play Music
  • Live365
  • Mad Genius Radio
  • radioPup
  • RadioTunes
  • Saavn
  • SoundCloud
  • Xbox Music

These services join the 13 already available: AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Radio Paradise, Rdio, Rhapsody, Samsung Milk Music, Slacker, Songza, and Spotify.

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SoundCloud Version 2.8 Introduces Minor Visual Tweaks, Hashtags In Searches, Swipe-To-Refresh, And More

SoundCloud has made the jump to version 2.8, bringing along a few new enhancements in the process. Many of them are visual, though the changes are small. Tabs are white now. The explore section introduced in version 2.7 has had the position of artist names and song titles moved around, as have the search results. Speaking of searching, the app has new support for hashtags and recommends a page filled with them when clicking on the search icon.

SoundCloud3 SoundCloud1 SoundCloud2

In addition to these niceties, SoundCloud now supports pulling down to refresh the page. Go ahead, give it a tug.

SoundCloud6 SoundCloud7

As always, the goods are available in the widget below.

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SoundCloud Reaches Version 2.7, Now Has Redesigned Side Menu, New Explore Feature For Discovering Music, And More

SoundCloud is known for letting users share original audio, and it's a great way to hear a bit of what creative types are out there, well, creating. With millions of users, there's ample reason to keep the Android app from stagnating for too long. So version 2.7 is now rolling out, and it brings a handful of new features that improve the interface and make discovering new content even easier.

SoundCloud1 SoundCloud2 SoundCloud3

The side menu has been redesigned to make most-used functions more accessible. It comes with a slimmer look that improves upon what is already an attractive UI. Some settings have been tucked away under the options menu, such as Who to follow, activity, record, and settings.

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SoundCloud App Updates With A Slick New UI, Improved Search, And The Ability To Repost

SoundCloud may not be the most famous app around, but when it comes to sharing a simple audio clip or a song, it's hard to beat. Now, the company's mobile app is getting an overhaul and with it comes a shiny new interface that doesn't suck. The UI upgrade makes use of the action bar, side navigation panel, notification controls and all the other fancy new features that we've grown used to since Ice Cream Sandwich and beyond.

The update also brings improvements to the search features that should help you track down public audio (like our podcast!) more easily.

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SoundCloud For Android Updated To V2.3, Adds Mobile Editing Features Like Track Trimming, Fade In And Out

SoundCloud's Android app received a substantial update today, adding some new features to the recording UI that's been present in the app for some time.

Namely, track trimming and fade in / out effects, which should be a godsend for those who actually use the app for this sort of thing, as opposed to simply for listening to your feed (or for listening to our podcast, which you totally should). The features are pretty cut and dry, and they seem to work well. In addition to these post-recording editing features, you can now pause and resume audio recording, which should be yet another major functional enhancement.

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