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Solid Explorer 2.2.7 updated with app shortcuts to most recent cloud locations and more

Solid Explorer is one of the first things I install on most of my devices when I get them. The file manager is packed full of features, updated regularly, and offers plenty of stuff for any level of user. The latest update, v2.2.7, brings a few additions and some bug fixes, but let's take a look through the changelog first.

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Solid Explorer 2.2 is now available with encryption, multi-window support, and more

There is no shortage of file managers on the Play Store. But Solid Explorer remains my favorite, simply because of its Material design and ease of use. For you power users out there, it also boasts drag and drop, FTP/WebDAV/SMB client support, batch file management, and much more. Solid Explorer has just been bumped to version 2.2, and there's a lot to get excited about.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Comes With A Goat Mode Easter Egg

Are you a goat? You can be one just by tapping a few things in the new Solid Explorer 2.0 to activate goat mode. Okay, you're not really going to be a goat, just like tapping the Android build number to activate developer mode doesn't make you a developer. Still, it's pretty funny.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Is Finally Out After A Lengthy Beta Test, New Paid Plugins Available Too

Solid Explorer is one of the most popular file managers on Android, but the app has never been particularly attractive. It's much improved today, though, with the release of Solid Explorer v2.0. I know what you're thinking, is that really just happening now? Well, it's been in beta for more than six months.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Alpha Goes Full Material, And You Can Try It Now

Solid Explorer has long been one of the most popular file managers on Android because of its slick dual-pane UI and extensive feature list. However, the UI isn't what you'd call intuitive. A big material redesign is in the works, and you can test it right now by joining the Google+ community.

2014-12-24 22.43.08 2014-12-24 22.43.15 2014-12-24 22.44.10

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Solid Explorer v1.6.3 Updated For Lollipop, Adds SD Card Support And Improves Compatibility With Root

Every power user has a favorite file manager. It doesn't matter how many are installed or why, there is always one that takes the lead position. Of course, as new features become popular, it's not uncommon for people to switch out their favorite app to pull up one that offers whatever they need. The new must-have among file managers is support for writing to the SD card on Android 5.0 Lollipop. One week after Root Explorer added this ability, Solid Explorer comes rolling in with its own update.

Version 1.6.3

-ability to write SD card contents on Android Lollipop

-improved root handling on Android Lollipop

-fixed misaligned splashscreen on high resolution displays

Now that Lollipop no longer requires root permission to gain access to the SD card, most file managers will be working to add compatibility fairly quickly.

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Solid Explorer Updated With Limited Work-Around For KitKat SD Card Restrictions On Samsung Devices

The changes that Google made to the way that Android uses external storage (read: MicroSD cards) in KitKat have been contentious to say the least. A few of the more widely-used file explorer apps have utilized a loophole in the Media Scanner service to restore at least some of the more widely-used functions for accessing and modifying files, and now the popular Solid Explorer has done the same.

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According to the changelog for version 1.6, the work-around should function for Samsung devices that have been updated to Android 4.4, though the new Galaxy S5 is a notable exception. We've had limited success in our own tests: on a KitKat-equipped Galaxy Note 3, Artem was able to rename and copy files on the MicroSD card without any kind of root-enabled trickery, but deleting files on the card didn't work.

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Solid Explorer v1.5.7 Adds Chromecast Support Via A Separate Plugin, Multiple Bug Fixes, And More

Google doesn't provide an obvious user-facing way to get locally saved media files from your phone to your TV using Chromecast. It's a bit annoying, but whatever, we have options now. There's AllCast for starters, but if you would prefer not to have to deal with yet another app, Solid Explorer has added the ability to stream files directly from the file browser. All you need is the latest version and a separate plugin.

Cast1 Cast2 Cast3

To shoot a file over to Chromecast, just share to the Solid Explorer Cast plugin the way you would any other app. An attractive controller interface will then appear, letting you do your thing.

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Solid Explorer 1.4.5 Update Adds Side Panel Bookmarks, Pinch To Zoom, NFC File Transfer, And More

It's a good time for fans of powerful file browsers. Just a few days after Root Explorer got a substantial update, popular alternative Solid Explorer is getting the same treatment. The changelog for 1.4.5 includes a laundry list of new features and tweaked settings, all of which combine to make Solid Explorer an increasingly powerful option. The app is offered in a 14-day free trial, with an unlock application costing $1.99.

2013-06-02 16.15.45

The most user-facing change is probably the swipe-out side menu, which includes both the primary storage divisions (root, internal, external) and quick links to your bookmarked folders, if you have any.

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Solid Explorer Updated With SugarSync Support, Settings Backup/Restore, And More

Despite its slightly controversial conversion from being a free beta app to paid in the final version, Solid Explorer continues to be one of the most powerful, versatile, and best-supported apps on Android – especially in the file manager category. The app recently received an update that makes it even more powerful, specifically in the area of cloud storage: the app now has SugarSync support, as well as improved libraries for Box and SkyDrive.


Those aren't the only improvements wrapped in this update, either:

What's in this version:

-SugarSync support
-backup and restore settings
-ability to set a wallpaper and a ringtone
-creating symbolic links
-last open folder is remembered even after app kill
-charset selection in text editor
-updated Box and SkyDrive libraries
-option to keep the screen on during file transfers
-other minor improvements

If you're looking for a mature, feature-rich file manager, you'll be hard pressed to find one better than Solid.

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