That's A Really Nice Suit

A nice little piece of litigation cropped up on the mobile news radar today - Skyhook, a WiFi/GPS location services provider, is suing Google for "forcing" certain Android device manufacturers (specifically Motorola and Samsung) to utilize Google Location Services instead of Skyhook on the DROID X and Galaxy S devices as their primary location services provider, respectively. If you're thinking "but Android is open source," stay tuned kids, I'll be explaining why that doesn't matter so much in this case.

Skyhook's complaint, filed in Massachusetts, makes 3 basic allegations:

  1. Google knowingly induced Motorola to breach its contract with Skyhook;
  2. Google intentionally interfered with Skyhook's "advantageous business relations";
  3. Google engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices in the above and other actions which injured Skyhook.
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