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SiriusXM Gets A New Look For Version 3.0, But Users Say The Update Is Full Of Bugs

The makers of SiriusXM's Android client, an Internet version of the notable satellite radio streams, seem to take positive delight in ignoring Android design guidelines. Before today, the app looked like a lazy port of the iOS version... and the iOS version wasn't exactly a looker to start with.

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SiriusXM for Android, circa 2014. Or possibly RealPlayer for Windows Mobile, circa 2004. It's hard to tell.

The updated version of the app doesn't exactly look like Material Design, or even Holo (apparently said app developers aren't Android Police readers), but at least it looks like something designed this decade.

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SiriusXM App Updated With Support For MySXM

If you're a subscriber of SiriusXM and you love to customize what you hear, you should probably grab the latest update of the app, which now features MySXM. What's MySXM, you ask? It just so happens that we have collected a nice little Q&A from various places around Sirius' site that explains just that.

What is MySXM?

MySXM gives you the power to personalize your favorite music and comedy channels.

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SiriusXM Hits Version 2.2, Now Includes On Demand Radio And Offline Caching For Select Shows

If you listen to SiriusXM on your Android device, the newest iteration of the application should be of interest. While the update brings the normal bug fixes and enhancements, it also packs two new useful features: access to On Demand radio and offline caching for select shows. iOS users saw this update back in early August, so it's good to see these features make their way to Android.

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