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[New Game] Everyone's Favorite Sentient CRT Is Back In SilverTree Media's Cordy 2

If you haven't checked out SilverTree's previous Android titles, the Cordy series and Sleepy Jack, you're missing out on some fantastic mobile games. The graphics and music are excellent, controls are tight, and each one deserves its 4+ Play Store rating. Now you've got a chance to rectify your mistake with Cordy 2, the sequel to the original platformer. Anyone who has spent hours engrossed in a Mario or Rayman title will find something to love here.

Cordy is a living mishmash of wires and buttons, tasked with saving other automations from the evil Boogaloo. (Is anyone else getting a Brave Little Toaster vibe?) Gameplay will be familiar to just about anyone who lived through the 16-bit era, with running, jumping, double-jumping, stomping on enemies, and collecting various bits providing most of the mechanics.

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[Review] SilverTree Media's Sleepy Jack Is A Phenomenal Game Full Of Dreamy Creativity And Imagination

About a week ago, we mentioned Sleepy Jack in a new-game roundup. I recently picked it up and haven't been able to put it back down since! If you can remember bringing your toys to life using the power of childhood imagination (or even if you can't), this game is sure to get your mind going.

First Things First

Sleepy Jack has to be one of the most creative, well-made mobile games I've played to date, and I've played quite a few. This game takes imagination to the next level. Every aspect of Sleepy Jack is well thought out, from the zany dream lands Jack flies through, to the types of toys he encounters along the way.

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