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Showtime's Cable Subscription-Free $11 Monthly Plan Comes To Android In The Form Of A New App, Includes Android TV Support

You can now stream Showtime to your Android device for $11 a month. You don't need a cable subscription. All you need is a credit card, a compatible device, and the newly-released app.

For years now, customers who wanted to stream the likes of Showtime or HBO over the Internet have only had the option to do so if they paid for access in addition to an expensive cable plan. Fortunately 2015 has seen a shift. The option to pay $15 a month to get HBO Now without dealing with all that other tomfoolery launched on iOS in Spring before coming to Android this summer. During those hot months, Showtime announced it would let you do the same for $11―just not on Android yet.

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[Update: It's Live] You Will Soon Be Able To Add Showtime To Your Hulu Subscription For An Extra $9 A Month

Watching Hulu already feels more like cable than Netflix. You have access to shows shortly after they air, and you still have to sit through commercials. Starting next month, you will also be able to expand your subscription with premium content.

Hulu is partnering with Showtime to let subscribers stream the latter's large selection of shows. But the option to do so will cost more than Hulu itself. After a 30 day free trial, you will have to pay $9 on top of your $8 Hulu subscription.

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Showtime Announces HBO Now-Like Standalone Service Coming In July, But Android Support Is Not Yet Included

HBO Now got a mention at this year's Google I/O. After ending Apple's period of exclusive access, the service will soon run on Android phones, tablets, and Android TV.

Now Showtime is ready to follow in its competitor's footsteps. Today it announced that it's launching a similar service, and it will also begin with a period of Apple exclusivity. Starting in early July, customers will have the option to stream to their iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Apple TV for $10.99 a month.

Why are we covering this now? Well, Showtime says that it will announce additional platforms soon. So, chances are we'll get it eventually.

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Showtime Anytime Update Adds Support For Time Warner Cable And Bright House Networks

Showtime Anytime is how people with an appropriate cable subscription can peruse the channel's content on their phone or tablet. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work on just any internet connection. Your provider has to make the list, and starting today a couple more have joined the ranks. Now people who rely on Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks to get online can take advantage of Showtime's Android app.

Showtime1 Showtime2


In addition to support for new ISPs, the new update also lets users remain signed in for longer. This should stop you from having to log in every 24 hours.

What's new:

  • Support for Time Warner Cable
  • Support for Bright House Networks
  • Support for longer sessions—no need to log in every 24 hours!
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Dexter The Game 2 Reveals Its Dark Passenger To The Play Store For $2.99

I hope you've been paying attention to Harry's teachings for the last six years. You're going to need the code if you hope to avoid getting caught in Dexter the Game 2, which has just been released to the Play Store today. We first heard about this one back in July, before season 7 got underway. Now it's more than half over. Right around the time the story starts to lull before ramping back up to the finale. What better time to unleash your own monster?

dexter1 dexter2 dexter4

The free-roaming environment seems like a neat idea, and from the screenshots it looks like many of your favorite locations have been lovingly recreated.

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Showtime's Dexter The Game 2 Brings New Meaning To "Hack & Slash" - Coming To Android This Fall

"Serial killer" and "Simulator" aren't words that usually appear together. But in the case of Dexter, Showtime's prima donna of premeditation, it might just work. This fall, Showtime and Ecko|Code (Marc Ecko's game development studio) will bring Dexter Morgan to Android. It's labeled "Dexter The Game 2", since the original is a web-based affair. The second time around seems to be taking a Grand Theft Auto-style open approach.

As a major fan of Miami's favorite compulsive vigilante, I'm both excited and worried about Dexter The Game 2. It looks like the developers are taking the right approach, making an open-world, investigation-based game that emphasizes stealth and deduction over action.

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