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Bring! Shopping List Comes To Android, Complete With Wear Support

One of the biggest issues my wife and I have is remembering what to get at the grocery store. We've tried shared spreadsheets, various list applications, and jotting stuff down on paper. Nothing sticks. We either forget to do it or just don't want to deal with hassle (thus is the case with most apps). Bring! may change that. Hopefully, anyway.

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Basically, it's a super simple, and seemingly intuitive shopping list app.

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[New App] Popular 'Buy Me A Pie!' Grocery List App Now Available For Android, Can Remember More Than Dessert

There are many powerful to-do list apps out there that can be used to help you remember the milk, but given the sheer number of features they provide, relying on these apps for such a singular purpose could feel like overkill. Even the somewhat barebones Google Keep may come with more weight than someone needs for their weekly shopping runs. If you want an app that just strives to do one thing - in this case, be a shopping list - and do that thing well, then you may want to consider Buy Me a Pie!, the latest popular iOS app that has made its way over to Android.

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Tesco Now Testing In-Store Navigation System Accessible From Your Android Phone

Let's face it: large physical retail stores can be difficult to navigate at times, especially for first-time shoppers. To help alleviate this problem, UK retailer Tesco (informally known as the European Walmart) has developed and is now testing an in-store GPS system that can be accessed from an Android phone.

Upon opening the app, you'll be greeted with an empty shopping list which you can fill with any and all products available at Tesco.

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